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Luggage shop in Krakow?

djk99 1 | -
8 Oct 2014 #1
We usually go on a shopping spree in Krakow and previously have taken a half empty suitcase to do this. I'd like to travel out with hand baggage only this time. Where's the best place in Krakow to buy a case / sturdy bag ?...nothing special required. Would the Galeria be very expensive for this ? Thanks :-)
Looker - | 1,092
10 Oct 2014 #2
Cheaper is in Tesco, Careffour, Auchan, Real - those type of shops. You may try Galeria too, sometimes you can find something interesting there, but it's worth to compare the prices.
9 Jun 2016 #3

Any brands of luggage you'd recommend?
Looker - | 1,092
9 Jun 2016 #4
No - take the ones that look tough, durable. The more expensive are usually stronger. But don't exaggerate and get nothing too fancy - they may attract thieves. Look at wheels, they are very important - big, wide track, suitcases frame should be also generally decent.

And no black of course - everyone has black ;)

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