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Lublin ruined by arrival of Ryanair

peterweg 37 | 2,319
22 Sep 2012 #31
Brits are fundamentally one of the most reserved and self conscious people on earth, and they need to drink to loose their inhibitions.

Weird, getting drunk, running about with cocks on their heads and having public sex is reserved, eh? I'd say other nations are far more reserved and prudish. America finds the display of female breasts offensive for instance, and drinking is looked on as some sort of sin.

Edit: you live in the most puritanical, stuck up, humourless countries in Europe and think the British are reserved.
Zibi - | 336
22 Sep 2012 #32
We welcome Brits here, naked or not,. :)
pawian 187 | 17,898
22 Sep 2012 #33
I suppose most Lublinians would comment it as: bare truth.

They are waiting for the Brits to come and teach them how to have fun in life.

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