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Polish LOT cancelled my flight...

8 Jun 2013 #1
Hi everyone.

On June 7th (today) I was suppose to be on a flight from Toronto to Warsaw.... well surprise surprise, I looked at the Toronto Pearson website and the flight was CANCELLED. So I called the travel agency to see what was going on... they said a passenger got sick on last night's flight (June 6th) and that they returned to Toronto after taking off... and that I would be placed on another airline in a few days...

So... instead of getting another plane, LOT decides to screw everyone who was flying and June 7th, and made them either wait until June 19th, or book them with another airline..

Is there anyway I can get possibly get compensated for this? This is absolutely ridiculous...
jkb - | 198
8 Jun 2013 #3
I never fly LOT on transatlantic routes. Lufthansa, Swiss, but never LOT. It's just a different level of service, comfort and passenger treatment.
20 Jun 2013 #4
I also ,Ihate LOT
jon357 71 | 20,789
20 Jun 2013 #5
I've flown many, many times with LOT including transatlantic and had no problems. They are generally a good airline, though their frequent flyer scheme is problematic due to missing flights from the system.
20 Jun 2013 #6
LOT is a Star Alliance member so there should be no issues with the frequent flyer program. I have my original member number from Lufthansa and have used it with several Star Alliance airlines without difficulty.
jon357 71 | 20,789
20 Jun 2013 #7
I use it all the time - unfortunately Star Alliance manage it badly. At least once a month I have to send the originals of my boarding pass in because they haven't credited one or more flights and nothing shows on their system when the incompetent in Frankfurt try to find a record of it. They are also very poor at responding to queries.

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