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Long weekend in Wroclaw - tourist sights to see (waterpark?) + Polish food + soccer game

CheFinny 5 | 45
10 Nov 2011 #1
Hi Guys,

I am spending the long weekend in Wroclaw. But I need to know a few things.

a) What tourits sights are musts?
b) Is the waterpark any good (for small and bigger kids)?
c) Where can I get decent Polish food that wont break the bank?
d) is anywhere likely to be showing the Ireland v Estonia game tomorrow night?

also, a good breakfast buffet?
OP CheFinny 5 | 45
10 Nov 2011 #3
thanks very much, I will try that guiness place. any more suggestions as a back up?

sorry to mention again but it seems from revies online that the Guiness pub is a bit dodge, if you know what I mean.
is there anywhere else anyone can think of that will be showing the Ireland vs Estonia game?

I have found a place called the Celtic Pub and the Belfast pub?
I supposing being an irish bar abraod that both places will probably show the England game?
Stu 12 | 522
10 Nov 2011 #4
Yeah ... I've read them as well. I was there last Tuesday, and it wasn't too bad. Some people just always have something to complain about. I was with very nice company, so I had a great time.

You never know about these others showing the game. I haven't got the faintest; have never been to either of them (or at least for as far as I know or can remember ;) ).
OP CheFinny 5 | 45
10 Nov 2011 #5
guiness pub it is then, i hope and pray that this vital match is on and not an England friendly.
Englishpoznan 4 | 102
10 Nov 2011 #6
Do they have sky in there? Because if they don't I doubt it will be on seeing as it is not on Polish TV, why don't you phone ahead and ask I'm sure they speak English.
11 Nov 2011 #7
chefinny, any luck with tracking down a pub showing the irish game? I've tried Guiness pub (not showing the game), haggis (scot pub seems to be closed) and belfast pub is closed aswell. if i come across anywhere ill let u know
25 Aug 2015 #8
Merged: Visiting Wroclaw for a week, what should I see?

Hello my friends from Poland
Many of my friends have told me about this beautiful country and I have a chance to visit it for a week :)
I am planning on spending a week in Wroclaw while going from USA to India.

A little bit about me :
I am an American of East Indian descent. I love good food and beer and good conversations :)

Please help me with following questions.
Many thanks!
1. Can you tell me what are the best places to see in Wroclaw?
2. I have read in this forum about racism / murders. There are always some bad people that make things bad for other good people.
But is this a big problem in Wroclaw? Should I choose a different city?

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