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Travel to Lomza

zosialosangeles 1 | -
17 May 2011 #1
I wish to travel to Lomza (OK I know the L is wrong) in July to do research for a book I am writing. I will need help since I don't speak Polish ... only English. I am interested in Lomza in the period between the wars (say 1915 to 1939) so I need someone who knows their history and can read old maps in Polish. Any ideas? Also, HOW do I get to Lomza, as there is no train?

Zosia in Los Angeles
Antek_Stalich 5 | 997
17 May 2011 #2

You would travel to £omża with PKS coaches.
See this:

Enter Warszawa* in the left-hand search field and then £omża* in the other field, finally click the button below. It will display the full timetable. Possible bus stations are Warszawa Okęcie (a bus stop near to the Airport), Warszawa Zachodnia (large bus station) or Warszawa Stadion (small bus station). Tickets are really cheap (if you have no time to buy the ticket at the station, the coach driver will sell you a ticket as long as the bus is not full) and travelling conditions quite nice.

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