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Lake near Krakow (Zakrzówek Lake?)

CheFinny 5 | 45
27 May 2010 #1
I have heard from several people that there is a lake near Krakow where people go to chill. Is this a myth or does this place exist. I wouldnt mind getting away from the blocks this weekend!!!
pgtx 29 | 3,144
27 May 2010 #2

Zakrzówek Lake
peterweg 37 | 2,309
27 May 2010 #3
Is that the one where there are several bars and no toilets?

I find it off putting to go and swim in a lake which has hundreds of people pissing into it everyday.
pgtx 29 | 3,144
27 May 2010 #4
Is that the one where there are several bars and no toilets?

Zakrzowek has been always a mess...

it's better just to get a car and go to Rożnowskie Lake... it's more fun, more beautiful and not too far...

Rożnowskie Lake
OP CheFinny 5 | 45
27 May 2010 #5
How would one get to the lake that is pissed in? I am easily pleased
TwojPrestige - | 14
7 Jun 2010 #6
Zakrzówek is not a lake. It's an old quarry and it's really dangerous to swim!
Maby you were told about Kryspinów, about 10 km from the town center.
peterweg 37 | 2,309
7 Jun 2010 #7
Kryspinów, the free lake, at least, has no toilets. You have to pay for the private lake don't you? whats that like?
mamina - | 2
13 Jul 2014 #8
Merged: Any advice on swimming lakes near Krakow?

Hi there, we are planning to spend our holidays in the Southern Poland - Krakow, salt mines etc. And since we have 2 kids, we just HAVE TO spend some time near water. It seems that there are some beautiful lakes near Krakow but I couldn't google any info on swimming opportunities. Basically we need some place full of screaming children, desperate parents ant not-ice-cold water, close to Krakow (we are coming from and returning to the Czech Republic so anything south of Krakow would be great). Any advice? Thanks in advance!
PC_Sceptic - | 69
15 Jul 2014 #9
I am not from Krakow, but was going to school there.
And to my best recollection there are no lakes in the true sense of the word in the immediate vicinity of Krakow, with place to swim or have a picnic.

We (me and my school-mates) were going to artificial lake, very dirty, called "glinianka" (referring to mud formed) if my memory is serving me right.

I have found on this Forum another thread concerning the matter, hope you find the right information fitting your needs.
mamina - | 2
15 Jul 2014 #10
Thanks for your reply. I'll try to search for some info on the lakes mentioned in the other discussion. So far I found pages just in Polish so I guess I have to rely on the common Slavic roots of Czech and Polish. It seems that there are many Polish words that sound just hilarious in Czech (and I was told that the same holds vice versa) so the kids should have a lot of fun just translating :-).
4 Jun 2016 #11
Merged: Lake for swimming near Krakow


Could you guys recommend a nice place for swimming not too far from Krakow?

Ideally, should be:
- Not further than ~100 km from Krakow, so Baltic Sea is not an option ;)
- Quiet, no big crowd at least during week time
- Clean water
- Nice landscapes

Thanks for your suggestions :)
4 Jun 2016 #12
This lake is about 100 km from Kraków. It's an artificial lake, but quite big and in a very scenic location.

Other than that I could only find Zakrzówek lake, which looks quite pretty, but is actually a disused quarry.

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