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Krakow November!

25 Oct 2006 #1
Hi All, Have booked up a trip to Krakow next month with a few friends and really wanted to see how it is ..... is it just tourists or do the locals mix in with the tourists too, i went to Dublin earlier this year and found that a lot of the locals in ireland dont go to the main tourist part for a night out except the workers. Is this the case in Krakow??

1 Nov 2006 #2
[Moved from]: Is it cold in Krakow in November?

I will be in Krakow in November. Is it cold there? Does it snow? How much. I will also be in the tatra mountains. Do Polish people like a person to try to speak Polish even if they are not good or do they think it is insulting?
FISZ 24 | 2,116
1 Nov 2006 #3
It may be a bit chili :) The tatry Mtns are awesome! You'll have a blast. I think people in PL are impressed that you attempt to communicate. They'll be pleased to see this. Not insulting at all.

Here are a couple pics from last october:.... have to make smaller :)
krysia 23 | 3,058
1 Nov 2006 #4
Novembers are usually drizzly and cold. The weather is similair to the US in the midwest. Snow can start falling in November and it can get cold. The Tatra mountains get more snow and earlier. The roads don't get plowed as well as in the US and if Poland gets hit by a snowstorm roads get really bad. But that's usually later in the season. Novembers are mostly dreary and rainy.

Polish people like foreigners. They like to see that someone is trying to learn their language and very often will help you out. They are proud people and they feel important when someone tries to speak their language. Many are learning english and would be very happy to practice their skills with an American person. So if you speak Polish enough to communicate, you don't have to worry about them being insulted. It's just the opposite.
FISZ 24 | 2,116
1 Nov 2006 #5
The roads don't get plowed as well as in the US and if Poland gets hit by a snowstorm roads get really bad

Yeah... the ruts in the road get deep and icy. People still drive like be careful
2 Nov 2006 #6
Thanks for the information. I also would like to know where I could buy a CD or even better a DVD of Kolendy to take home.
2 Nov 2006 #7
Hello! In the mountains there is a lot of snow :) So take a warm clothes and be careful in the Tatras!!! Now these mountains are a little bit dangerous but... beautiful!!! Just take care. Kolendy you can buy in shop: EMPIK (next to Mariacki church) - on the market square in Krakow or in any other music corner. Have a good trip here :)

In locals in Krakow you can meet local people (expecially students) and foreigners as well. I am sure you will like our locals as the beer and vodka will be cheap for u :)
mattjevans - | 3
18 May 2011 #8
Merged: Weather in Krakow in November?

hi im from england and looking to return back to krakow in november what is the usual weather pattern at this time of year?
dtaylor5632 18 | 2,004
18 May 2011 #9
Sometimes Snow, sometime cold and wet...
pawian 222 | 23,766
18 May 2011 #11
Sometimes there is snow in October:
18 May 2011 #12
Cold winters, warm summers with cool/cold nights... occassionally you get heat spells like anywhere else in the world but this is not common, although last few years there been more heat spells than average. Winters have been returning back to average over the past 2 or 3 years and getting back to what they used to be.. meaning cold weather starts around october with chances of snow in october and freezing temperatures starts in November. One thing about Poland is it is fairly dry country. Freezing temperatures start in november usually, and it is not uncommon for there to be snow by then. Occassionally in january and february there can be cold air masses that come from the east that spread into Poland and Krakow which can cause winter temperatures to drop to very cold levels like -20C or -30C ... which has occured this winter and last winter. Coldest temperature in Poland ever record was -40 C (not in the mountains, in mountains could be colder)

Summers are nice in Krakow, they are warm but not very hot. Temperatures are comfortable during the day usually 20 C. In hotter years it can get up to 30C... past 5-10 years have been hotter summers. But last 2 or 3 years especially this year Krakow has been returning to average
mattjevans - | 3
19 May 2011 #13
thank you for the detail GrzegorzK
10 Oct 2011 #14
Merged: Weather in late november/early december


Could anyone tell me what the chances are of it snowing in krakow at the end of november/start of december?


gumishu 13 | 6,134
10 Oct 2011 #15
Could anyone tell me what the chances are of it snowing in krakow at the end of november/start of december?

last year the end of November was a thourough winter time in Poland (with temperatures falling below -20 celsius in the night and lots of snow)

such conditions are however fairly unusual - still the weather can be very unpleasant even if there is just snowfall and around zero degrees with snow melting - the humidity and the snowmelt cause a serious cooling factor (which is not present in the dried conditions of frost below -10)
edson83 1 | 4
15 Aug 2013 #16
Merged: What to do in krakow - november

Hi guys.

I would like to know what is hot in Krakow during the day and also the night? (events, concerts, nightclubs, bars, sports and also romantic places to go out with my wife)

I'm concerned because november is the very beginning of winter, so maybe there is no options of nightclubs and bars opened right?

So locals and turists pls share with me your hot spots!


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