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Jezioro Roznowskie

vjmehra 16 | 80
24 Jul 2013 #1
We are thinking of visiting the lake in a couple of weeks but we have no car, is it possible to get there by public transport (or a combination of a bus/train and taxi) from central Krakow?

Also is there anything in particular we should see, whilst we are there?

We have never been before, but it looks really nice on the internet and with the added bonus you can use motorboats on the lake (unlike most lakes in the South) we are giving some serious thought to moving there.

In reality of course it may be too far away from Krakow, but we thought we'd go and look, if its not right for us it will still be a nice weekend away!

Does anyone have any thoughts on living there at all (would love to buy some land and build if that's possible, which it seems to be looking at a few websites)?
Kowalski 7 | 621
24 Jul 2013 #2
You probably mean Jezioro Rożnowskie (not Rosnowskie). You can get there by bus to Tęgoborze (2hrs, 16 zl one way); all buses toward Nowy Sącz..

Some land for sale offers in this area -by J. Rożnowskie:

You could take a boat trip ; take off from Gródek n. Dunajcem toward Rożnów
OP vjmehra 16 | 80
24 Jul 2013 #3
I do indeed! Thank you, I will take a look at those links right now!

Does anyone know where to get buses from? Can't seem to find any timetables, which makes me think its probably the mini buses that are round the back of the Galeria, but I can't seem to find any information out!!!

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