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Jakubkowo-found 3 villages with this name, close to each.

elpaso 1 | 2
14 Sep 2011 #1
One village in Gmina Lasin, Two in Gmina Radomin, how did these villages get their name? Why would there be three villages with the same name so close to each other? I suspect some kind of land ownership or manorial life style. Also. does the ko and wo parts of the village mean anything? The Jakub sound Christain, did Monks bring religion to the area?
boletus 30 | 1,361
14 Sep 2011 #2
Here is an explanation regarding one of the Jakubkowo villages:

Jakubkowo - a village in Poland located in Kujawsko-Pomorskie Voivodship, Grudziądz district, £asin municipality.

In 1298, the Country Master of the Teutonic Order, Meinhard von Querfurt, granted 12 "łans" (fields (*)) of land, on the basis of Chełmno (German: Kulm) law [a modification of Magdeburg rights], formerly belonging to the Polish people - brothers Maciej and Jakub, to the founder of £asin, Jan de Nemore. According to the privilege the Teutonic Knights allowed for building a mill on £asinka River and free fishing in this river.

Translated from Polish version of Wikipedia,ądzki)

(*) łan = a unit of land, measured between 3 to 50 hectares, depending on locality. However, the so-called "lesser łan", or "Chełmno (Kulm) łan", a.k.a. "włóka" is precisely equal to 30 "morga(s)" or 17.955 hectares.

I should add that ending "-owo" signifies one form of possessiveness.

Jakubowy dom : masculine order, house of Jakub
Jakubowa górka :feminine order, Jakub's hill
Jakubowo : neutral order, this implicitly means "Jakub's hamlet/village"

The postfix "-owo" is almost always related to village/hamlet names formed from proper names. For example, my friend's last name is Kowalik: he jocularly named his cottage located in Bracebridge, Muskoka, Ontario, Canada - guess what? - Kowalikowo of course. In 19th century, the city of Munich - officially Monachium in Polish, would be given jocular Polish sounding names by Polish artsy people (flocking to Munich to study arts) such as "Mniszkowo" - from the proper name Mniszek. The trend continues: contemporary Polish newspapers in London or Dublin would be named "Londynek" and "Dublinek" - diminutive of London and Dublin, respectively.

On the other hand Jakubek is a diminutive form of Jakub and that may mean many of the things: his small posture, being dear to somebody's heart or it may also simply mean "a son of Jakub". Jakub-kowo would be therefore a diminutive version of Jakub-owo.
OP elpaso 1 | 2
20 Sep 2011 #3
Have now found 5 places called Jakubkowo, all fairly close to another, could these places be FOLWARKS for the basis for szlachta economic and political power and what group of landowners would employ these methods?

Merged: Jakubkowo-6 villages-what gives, someone can make sense of this!

I have found six villages named Jakubkowo in Poland, one near Warszawa, other five near Lasin, Bratian, Brodnica Area. Surely this is confusion at its greatest, can anyone make sense of this? I am a son of Jakub, 14 ancestors may have lived in this area as far back as 1298. Arnold of Waldowa owned land near Rogozno, some of it taken to form the city of Lasin, brothers Maciej & Jakub had land taken to also form the city of Lasin, Jan de Nemore (John of the Forest) was to build a mill on Lasinkie River and estasblish the city. Someone out there has information on this historical devent, please contribute.

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