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Is the Irish embassy bar in Krakow open or closed?

1 Jan 2014 #1
Hey guys, I posted yesterday but it seems to be removed. Does anyone know if the Irish mbassy bar is still open or has it closed. Thanks

Your post can be found in the off topic section of the forum as the main page is for Poland related topics. You have not made it clear where the Irish Embassy bar is.

My bad, meant to say it is in Krakow just off the main square
smurf 39 | 1,981
2 Jan 2014 #2
AFAIK it's open, would be very surprised if it's not. Place is a goldmine.

Their website seems to be down, but their FB page:
seems to be updated fairly regularly.
2 Jan 2014 #3
cheers Smurf, am heading over there next month and was looking forward to one of there big steaks
2 Jan 2014 #4
You might want to be aware that Maurice is now living back in Ireland.
23 Jan 2014 #5
wrong the big man is still here
Cardno85 31 | 976
23 Jan 2014 #6
Maurice is still there but he has other interests as well and spends a good amount of time in Wroclaw and Ireland. I would highly doubt that the Mbassy would be closing any time soon, i rarely go in myself (city centre is a bit far for me, Kazimierz is about as far as I go) but any time I have been in it's been mobbed!
JeffNev 1 | 2
29 Jan 2014 #7
It looks as if it still open.
19 Apr 2016 #8
Irish embassy is closed forever. Today in this place is a new pub.
adwokaat - | 1
24 Jul 2018 #9
What are you up to now Maurice? In Poland?

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