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Information on flying from USA to Warsawa next spring

14 Jul 2014 #1
Cześć! I'm new here. Not sure how or where to post questions. My husband and are interested in two things, visiting Poland next spring and finding relatives. If anyone has traveled from US to Warsaw in the spring and has advice I would appreciate it. Where to stay, what airline to fly, passport or special requirements info?

I thought I found some relatives on Facebook. But received no response when I contacted them. Is there any way, online, to find family in Poland?

Zazulka 3 | 129
14 Jul 2014 #2
Try Polish Airlines. They have direct flights to Poland from Toronto, Chicago and NY (cheap connecting flights from other north American cities). The best time to buy a ticket for 2015 would be the Boxing week (Dec 24 -Dec31). I did it last Boxing week to fly in June this year. I paid CAD 740 including all taxes and fees for a ticket to Gdansk and back ( Toronto-Warsaw-Gdansk-Warsaw-Toronto) I spent a week in Gdansk and a week in Warsaw.

Try five star hotels in Poland. They are relatively inexpensive if you book them in advance and often are cheaper than 2 or 3 start hotels. I was checking the prices with Trivago but didn't book with them(I book directly with the hotels). Make sure that a location of the hotel is good. ( I can help you to determine a good or bad location in Warsaw)

Write your relatives in Poland in Polish. I can translate it for you if you need help.
OP Amber
14 Jul 2014 #3
Thanks! I'm trying to get an account on here but am using guest until I get my password.

I was looking at centre city hotels like Sheraton. But it would be better and more fun for us to stay in local (not big chain) hotel. Any recommendations appreciated. That's an incredible price on airfare. I'm putting boxing week on my phone calendar!

I'm learning polish and don't have a lot of information about my great grandfather to begin with. But the relatives I found are in the area he was from and have his polish last name. It would be great if you could help me.
Dont gag me yo 7 | 156
14 Jul 2014 #4
Try Polish Airlines.

worst airline to fly to Poland until one is a local of new york,chicago or la,otherwise they will charge you more most compatable ones are SAS and lufthansa now with one stop but big planes better leg room and entertainment menu and CHEAPER then lot.
Monitor 14 | 1,818
14 Jul 2014 #5
Biggest flight comparison websites let you create an alert on price changes for given month and destination. So you can be notified, when cheap offer shows up. For example or

Ask your family about your Polish relatives.

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