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Need Help About Buses from Wroclaw to Budapest and Bratislava.

volki 2 | 10
18 Jul 2009 #1
I would like to travel to Budapest and Bratislava soon . I wnat to go those cities via bus . I have tried to check eurobus and eurolines however they did not have any departures from Wroclaw. Anyone may suggest an alternative bus company which has a departure from Wroclaw .
Captain Scarlet 3 | 34
19 Jul 2009 #2
You could try not sure how direct it will be though ?
InWroclaw 89 | 1,915
31 Mar 2012 #3
Merged: Bus / tram fares up in Wroclaw, from 1st May

First rise since 2008, apparently.

In the UK, they were putting the fares up in my town about once a year, but once I think a particular bus company made substantial price hikes twice in one year, due to the cost of diesel. When diesel reduced in price, fares did not drop...
peterweg 37 | 2,319
19 Apr 2012 #4
Fares up for a second time in a year in Krakow. Up 28% in eight months:

Any any tickets you bought before the hike are invalid.
DepressedOne - | 34
20 Apr 2012 #5
In Warsaw fares were also risen. I think it's just about cost of petrol and other things.

Home / Travel / Need Help About Buses from Wroclaw to Budapest and Bratislava.
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