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Haunted places in Warsaw?

shade 7 | 20
5 Oct 2014 #1
hello my friends! are there any haunted places in Warsaw to visit?
jon357 63 | 14,282
5 Oct 2014 #2
Yes, but haunted in what sense and do you mean officially open to visit?
OP shade 7 | 20
5 Oct 2014 #3
my friend jon357! I mean some ghost places. I am a fan of Parapsychology so I would love to visit if theres any
jon357 63 | 14,282
6 Oct 2014 #4
Pałac Przebendowskich, on ul. Solidarności (corner with ul. Bielanska) is thought by some to be haunted, as is the Cytadela. Also the Chopin Museum on ul. Tamka might be worth a look. If you like parapsychology, also go to the Nowy Miasto and visit the very old red brick church just off the Rynek Nowego Miasto. No ghosts but one of those places where people sometimes feel special - ul. Freta that leads to the Rynek is a bit like that too.
OP shade 7 | 20
6 Oct 2014 #5
thank you so much my friend

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