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Any Halal Restaurants in Krakow?

5 Feb 2012 #1

I Will be visiting Poland this Feb, I was wondering is there any Halal restaurants in Krakow city centre. Thanks.

Note : Please Answer to the relevant request, I don't want any debate on religion ( You are following yours and I'm following mine. Those who are not, No comments).

Thanks in Advance.
Arshad 2 | 13
5 Feb 2012 #2
Is anyone alive on this forum?
isthatu2 4 | 2,703
5 Feb 2012 #3
Its going back 5 years so things might have improved but a muslim friend of mine had to just eat vegetarian for a week in Krakow,he had to wait till we got into western europe before any halal meat was around :)
Arshad 2 | 13
5 Feb 2012 #4
Yeah I was in July last year and was eating just salad, as I could not find any. Well thanks for the info.
teflcat 5 | 1,032
5 Feb 2012 #5
Know how to cook? There are also four Warsaw restaurants listed on this site.
Arshad 2 | 13
5 Feb 2012 #6
@ Teflcat:

Hahaha Yeah I know how to cook but I'm visiting Krakow for a week :P Thanks for the info dude.
teflcat 5 | 1,032
5 Feb 2012 #7
There is a tiny, mostly immigrant Muslim community in Krakow. The city lacks a mosque so its Muslims gather for Friday prayer in the building of the Studium Jezyka Polskiego of the Politechnika Krakowska University of Technology, 1 Skarzynskiego street, from noon to 2 p.m.

Found this on the web. If you go there, you may well be invited home for a meal. Sounds good to me. Might try it myself.
JonnyM 11 | 2,620
5 Feb 2012 #8
any Halal restaurants in Krakow city centre

There are some Turkish and Arab places - mostly kebabs, and in Kazimierz there are some kosher restaurants.
muslim from Krk
29 Mar 2012 #9
There might be kebab in Krakow city centre, dozens of them really, but none halal. You ll rather find a pork one than halal...
Some brothers in Krakow get together and order halal meat from other city I don't know details, but if you don't live there and don't know brothers that would be difficult way.

Definitely no halal restaurants, nearest halal shop is in Katowice - 1h drive west from Krakow.

Inshallah it is going to change considering how many Muslims migrated to the city, but for now there are pure vegetarian restaurants. minimum 3 of them in the centre plus number of milky bars, but you have to be specific when you order - no animal fat or gelatine. Polish people do not have much idea what does it mean vegetarian...
ReservoirDog - | 132
29 Mar 2012 #10
muslim from Krk

hehe muslim from Kościół Rymsko Katolicki?? ;)
DepressedOne - | 34
29 Mar 2012 #11
Reservoir, you're so funny. I know that Poland is big exporter of halal and kosher meat so it's weird that there are no such restaurants.
Trevek 26 | 1,702
29 Mar 2012 #12
A bit far to travel, but there is actually a Halal kebab place in Olsztyn. The owner is Egyptian and has a certificate from the Imam in Warsaw to certify he uses Halal.
23 Feb 2013 #13
The city lacks a mosque so its Muslims gather for Friday prayer in the building of the Studium Jezyka Polskiego

Tell me how the muslim countries ambassadors praying their Friday prayer and where?
Paulina 12 | 2,231
23 Feb 2013 #14
Ambassadors reside in Warsaw (Warszawa - the capital of Poland), not in Kraków. There's a mosque in Warsaw.
Sofiane - | 1
1 Mar 2013 #15
Salam alaykom. hello everybody
i'm Sofiane Algerian who live in Poland since 3 years in warminsko mazurskie (Mragowo) and i would like to meet with Muslim people who live around me

please feel free to contact me
Abraham - | 8
1 Mar 2013 #16
really I wonder from the members in this forums, I am a member here since two weeks only
and you can feel the racism spirit in most of the subject like if there is a hate to the another people
from another color,religion, nationality, believes, communities, sects, thats really scared and ugly,
I live in a city with over 195 nationality and over 20 religions and barely you can touch a different , what the hell is going on here folks.
Paulina 12 | 2,231
1 Mar 2013 #17
This forum seems to attract foreign dregs of society for some reason.
f stop 25 | 2,513
1 Mar 2013 #18
My theory is that some people are attracted to Poland because it is one of the more homogeneuos countries around, still with the very small ethnic diversity. By "some people" I mean those that routinely thank God that they've been born white caucasians. ;)
ufo973 10 | 89
1 Mar 2013 #20
I am in Warsaw since 1 year and i have to yet find a place to find Halal meat.
Does anyone know of any place in Warsaw where i can buy Halal meat?
alex67 1 | 14
1 Mar 2013 #21
I live in a city with over 195 nationality and over 20 religions

If you don't like it here then go back to London......
Bieganski 17 | 896
1 Mar 2013 #22
I live in a city with over 195 nationality and over 20 religions and barely you can touch a different , what the hell is going on here folks.

In your profile you describe yourself as "Dubai Expatriate".

It's not clear if you are an Emirati or a foreigner living in Dubai.

In any case here is a published account regarding foreigners living in Dubai which you are free to confirm or refute:

Citizenship - Is it possible to become a national of Dubai?

Dubai's government is keen to protect the status quo and doesn't want to compromise its cultural values or standard of living by allowing foreigners to become a permanent part of society. Your only route to becoming a naturalised citizen is by marriage to a national; even this, however, doesn't guarantee citizenship, particularly for non-Muslims.

Source: justlanded

So what the hell is going on in Dubai? It seems to me you are perfectly fine with foreigners being literally kept in permanent second class status (yes status not citizenship) in Dubai where they are valued only for their labor until they become old or infirm. Then it is time for them to go and be replaced by another foreigner on a temporary work permit.
4 Mar 2013 #23
It seems to be quite popular nowadays to serve food in old houses with old furnishing. The chain Polskie Jadlo has adopted this idea as well. If not visiting these places too often they are quite.
idle16 - | 6
4 Mar 2013 #24
I think that it si a good business idea. Someone should start it.
APF 4 | 106
4 Mar 2013 #25
Jewish kosher slaughter and Muslim Halal slaughter is illegal in Germany, because this is animal abuse .. Europeans get angry when someone try to bring this weird, pervert, sadistic "tradition" into Europe.

Be vegetarian or Have a good trip HOME!
jon357 69 | 18,475
4 Mar 2013 #26
Europeans get angry

Most don't.

In any case, all killing for food is unnecessary in Europe where we can eat a good diet that doesn't involve animals. No matter how nice they taste.

BTW, opinions differ on which methods are more or less cruel. Having seen animals being slaughtered on farms here in PL, the method used seemed about the same as I've seen in Muslim parts of Africa.

To the OP, these websites may be useful to you:
7 Mar 2013 #27
Hallo sofiane

I am new muslim student in olsztyn UWM.I just arrived last Friday.Maybe we can meet each other and now better.
2 Jul 2013 #28
hello bushra
i m ahmed
where u from actually?
i just arrive yesterday krakow to university
and wana meet any of mulslims
write me here and leave ur number so we can make a meeting
ok thanks alot ahmed
21 Dec 2013 #29
Salam, are there any stores in Olsztyn where one can purchase halal meat?
jon357 69 | 18,475
21 Dec 2013 #30
There's a prayer room in the University - asking there would probably be your best bet. There isn't really much of a Muslim community there except for students. There are a few from Saudi, so for sure they'll have a source of meat.

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