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Gym & Fitness near Wroclaw area for an American?

ramcast 1 | 1
2 Jul 2010 #1
I'm currently visiting Wroclaw (American) and am interested in working some of the Beer off. I live close to the university so I figured the gym under the bar might work but was just wondering if anyone had any thoughts on this?

Wroclaw Boy
2 Jul 2010 #2
What you wanna hear man? Do gym time and you will bulk or lose body fat (or both) depending on your fitness regime. I'd love to have a gym partner but im afraid im not in the area.

Just get in there....
7 Jun 2013 #3
[Moved from]: Is it possible to find a job as a fitness instructor for an English speaker in Warsaw?

My Polish is very basic and I would like to find a job as a fitness instructor or lifeguard at a gym in or around Warsaw. I will work on my Polish consistently but I would gladly move straight away if there were any job opportunities for passionate fitness coaches or lifeguards. I am new to this forum and new to Poland but I want to live there permanently.
delphiandomine 88 | 18,331
7 Jun 2013 #4
but I want to live there permanently.

6 Jan 2016 #5
@Wroclaw Boy you aren't right.

In Centrum are many gyms. You will find such tourist attractions as: Wroclaw Water Park, SkyBowling or Fitness & Spa in Fitness Academy located in the nearby Sky Tower. For guests arriving by car, the hotel offers an attended car park.
6 Jan 2016 #6
" gym under the bar" my idea of heaven just need a Indian restaurant on top of that.

Shame there is nothing like that where I live, nearest gym is 20km away, I have one at home in the uk but it would cost a fortune to transport it to Poland.

I will have to keep on carrying and splitting logs and walking for exercise.

I would be interested if anyone knows a good gym (not treadmills and cycles) proper mans gym big weights punch bags, boxing ring etc.

Jelenia Gora way.
polishinvestor 1 | 362
6 Jan 2016 #7
A couple of friends of mine regularly attend a class where they train with weighted balls. I don't know the specific name for them but they can be from 10 to 25kgs with a handle on one side. The instructor is also clued up in MMA techniques and one of my friends sparred with him quite regularly. Its not my thing so I didn't ask for details but pretty sure it took place on the gym premises of Galeria Grodzka, on the top floor. I can certainly find out when I next speak to him. As for the gym itself, depsite living only 200 yards away until not long ago, I have never been since its not really my thing, but it does look impressive enough looking up from the street.
Roger5 1 | 1,455
6 Jan 2016 #8
6 Jan 2016 #9
looked at Fitness World, Jelenia Góra Facebook page, looks like a modern gym with fitness instructors a little too hipster for me, probably ok for youngsters they seem to have social activities also which is nice.
polishinvestor 1 | 362
6 Jan 2016 #10
That's probably it Roger. As I say I'm not too clued up, my own fitness schedule compromises of two young children, so no need for me to look for more! Dolnoslask, you would be surprised (or not) most young people train by lifting their arm with a glass in hand, I should know we have a bar close by! Might be worth dropping by in person to see if its your thing. The building is pretty empty these days, as they have built two more shopping centres since then, so I'm sure the rates wont be too bad.
rozumiemnic 8 | 3,838
6 Jan 2016 #11
your own fitness schedule compromises two young children?
I think you might want to re-phrase that...:)
6 Jan 2016 #12
polishinvestor Yes i might pop in and take a look at the gym the wife likes shopping in Jelenia Gora, she tried the new one that has opened up across the road from Castorama.

ugly on the outside, she said it was ok, some posh shops that we don't need anymore. I spent the time in castorama getting plumbing bits.

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