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Looking for a good places to have fun in Warsaw

6 Nov 2015 #1
Hello, I'm in Warsaw since Monday, and soon i will have all my business work done. We are going to have 2 days free since we will go back to country so we are looking for a recomendations connected with a good places to have fun, have a drink, chill out :)
6 Nov 2015 #2
Maybe try to be more specific. What are you looking for? There are tons of clubs in Warsaw :) New Orleans for example if u look for something premium, and tons of pubs in the city center
OP Jemren
6 Nov 2015 #3
We are 5 males that want to chill out after a long time of hard work here :) Every place that has a alcohol and good atmosphere will suit us. Can u tell something more about this New Orleans?
6 Nov 2015 #4
Its one of this classy gentelmans club with a premium look, and pole dance shows. We were there few times with friends and we always had fun. It is very convenient especially when we take into the consideration that the weekend is approaching and other pubs and clubs are usually crowded. If you want i would reccomend you to try polish vodka tasting there, we did and it was so funny that we tried it once more few days later :P
OP Jemren
6 Nov 2015 #5
I found their site, i think it is worth taking into consideration :) Thank you btw. is it true that taxi drivers in warsaw are ehmm.. not 100% safe? For now we have everywhere pretty close, but when we will be coming back from a clubs we will propably decide to take a cab
6 Nov 2015 #6
They are safe, but sometimes taxi drivers are tricky. There are some not fair clubs that pays taxi drivers for gathering clientes. Some of my friends had a situation that the taxi driver was trying to convince them that the club they wanted to go is dangerouse and he knows a much better one, and he will take them theree.. so watch out
jon357 63 | 15,194
6 Nov 2015 #7
Its one of this classy gentelmans club

Classy is the opposite word, and it isn't a gentleman's club (google what that phrase actually means).

It is a seedy strip show and anyone going is there very much at their own risk.
delphiandomine 85 | 18,254
7 Nov 2015 #8
Any strip club seedy enough to resort to such crude advertising definitely is going at their own risk.

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