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Here in Gliwice, my visit so far has been great

beastmole 2 | 4
6 Nov 2010 #1
Hi everyone - I'm here in Gliwice for my first weekend visit, my boyfriend has been here for a week. Last night we had dinner on the Rynek in Dominos(?) which was good, and lunch today in Arigato the Japanese restaurant which was excellent. Plus some really great coffee and cakes on Zwyciestwa, and a little wander around the covered markets and the Forum. I think Gliwice is a great little city so far. Thanks so much to everyone for all of their advice - as you say it's simple to find everything once you are here.
Sildar - | 34
6 Nov 2010 #2
Visit also Rybnik its nearby
OP beastmole 2 | 4
6 Nov 2010 #3
Thanks Sildar - maybe we can go there tomorrow - will try to find out what train we can take. Looks pretty!

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