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Getting from Wrocław to Lubin

PinkLucy 2 | 7
11 Oct 2015 #1
Hi all. In a bid to avoid further arguments or annoyance with my boyfriend (who apparently has the organisational skills of a ferret) I am seeking advice on getting from Wrocław to Lubin. I know there is no rail link, so I need to look at buses or coaches. Any advice appreciated.
delphiandomine 88 | 18,322
11 Oct 2015 #2,80516,13019,rozklad-jazdy-pks-wroclaw-lubin.html#veryTop

Should have details of most/all buses there.
OP PinkLucy 2 | 7
11 Oct 2015 #3
Thanks, is that a coach or bus?
delphiandomine 88 | 18,322
11 Oct 2015 #4
Not sure, but on such a journey, it will probably be a coach.
OP PinkLucy 2 | 7
11 Oct 2015 #5
Thats very helpful thank you. You resolved my question in minutes. It has taken my bf weeks to even tell me there is no rail station lol.
delphiandomine 88 | 18,322
11 Oct 2015 #6
No problem, enjoy yourself in Poland :)
kpc21 1 | 763
12 Oct 2015 #7
These are mostly mini buses.

There is a train station in Lubin, but the last passenger train stopped there in 2010.
InPolska 11 | 1,821
12 Oct 2015 #8
The problem is that it's rather difficult to find bus stops for these mini-buses. Even in Warsaw, it's terrible (it's ok if in Centrum but not anywhere else in the city) They usually do not have any particular stops and first time best to leave home very early in order to find stop ;). Even in Warsaw, I have noticed that some private (mini) buses stop at some ZTP stops and unless you know, impossible to find since NO sign whatsover. Once I had to take one of these buses to go to some 40 km away from Warsaw and by pure hazard, I found bus "stop" (no sign whatsoever) in front of a pharmacy because at the time a bus from the company I was to use was just arriving, otherwise it would have been impossible to guess....

Travelling in Poland is "easy" in theory but pretty difficult in reality.
OP PinkLucy 2 | 7
12 Oct 2015 #9
Oh crikey that's a bit worrying. I will have to find it from the airport.
InPolska 11 | 1,821
12 Oct 2015 #10
@Pink: you'll have to ask people otherwise most probably impossible to find it. I won't even talk about the way it is outside of the cities, it's just a luck game and every time (fortunately not often) I need to travel this way, I seriously panick because if I cannot find stop, I miss bus and often the following bus is hours later but from the airport, you should have more ;).

Good luck!

PS: Sorry to sound "pessimistic", but this is Polish reality.

I obviously mean ZTM and not ZTP ;)
mafketis 36 | 10,336
12 Oct 2015 #11
Presumably your boyfriend is from Lubin (why would anyone go there otherwise?) and either takes a catch as catch can approach to getting to Wrocław and back (that's not that unusual here) or is just not very keen to get there (understandable*).

Anyhoo, get a list of stops for Wrocław and Lubin here and make him choose one for each town:

And search away. (nb there's a notice that the buses from the main station are now stopping in a different place, see here for details)

*I once spent the Christmas holidays there at the family of a friend, it was very clean for a Polish town at that time but that was about all it had going for it
OP PinkLucy 2 | 7
12 Oct 2015 #12
That's great thanks, I'm not staying there long, we're heading back to Wroclaw after a couple of days.

I'll get him to take a look. He's just useless at organising. Head in the clouds.
mafketis 36 | 10,336
12 Oct 2015 #13
He's just useless at organising. Head in the clouds.

IME a lot of younger (and a fair amount of older) Polish people travel that way with no real planning ahead (especially between places they know well). It drives me craaaazy.
kpc21 1 | 763
12 Oct 2015 #14
Enter in E-podróżnik:
A - Wrocław
B - Lubin
Date - ignore date (select such an option instead of the time that appears by default)
Time - 24 hours
You will get a timetable for the whole day. There is an option "Show details and map" by each bus there.

In E-podróżnik some buses are marked with a mini-bus symbol, some are marked with a coach symbol (there symbols are not much different from each other in the current layout of this website, but you can see the difference though). These marked with a mini-bus symbol will be, almost definitely, mini-buses, those with a coach symbol are likely to be a coach, although it may happen it's a mini-bus too.

With this option you can see the location of the stop on a map. Now, what else you can do, is to open Google Maps, find the same place and watch it in Google Street View.

Then how to use the bus? You enter it, tell the driver the place you want to get to, he tells you the price (if you don't understand in Polish, he will show you the price on the till display or he will give you a receipt first), and you pay. That's all. It works so in almost all the public transport buses and coaches in Poland, except for the city public transport (when you usually have to buy a ticket in advance and validate it in a special device after boarding the bus) and some modern long-distance ones, where you should buy a ticket online first (especially PolskiBus). Sometimes, when the bus stops at a coach station, it's possible to buy a ticket from a ticket counter at the station, but it depends on the company the bus belongs to - sometimes it might be impossible even though there is a ticket office at the station (when the bus company has no contract for ticket sale with the company the coach station belongs to). The advantage is then such that you have priority in boarding the bus when there is too many people wanting to ride, there is no price difference.

If you are a student, tell it the driver, some bus companies have discounts for students (although it's different from the railway, where the 51% discount for students is obligatory due to the law - it doesn't work for buses).
OP PinkLucy 2 | 7
21 Oct 2015 #15
Can anyone tell me if I can buy a return ticket, and if so does it work out cheaper than 2 singles?
PippoZ 2 | 10
22 Oct 2015 #16
You could have a look at
I've used it plenty of times and can be extremely hand when public transport links are poor or inexistent.
Hope it helps
kpc21 1 | 763
23 Oct 2015 #17
Can anyone tell me if I can buy a return ticket, and if so does it work out cheaper than 2 singles?

IF you can buy a ticket at the bus station, then you can usually buy a return one, but it's not cheaper. Of course, it may happen that a specific bus company has such an offer (it's not frequent though), but you need to check it on their webpage.

Sometimes it's possible to buy a ticket online, then it may also be possible to buy a return one at once.

On a bus it's not possible.

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