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Gdansk at night - where do I go for nightlife?

Macduff 9 | 69
23 Jun 2009 #1
Ok I see thier is only 46 people on line! Question is I am in Gdansk on Tuesday night where do I go for some night life (Clubs,Pubs)
wildrover 98 | 4,441
23 Jun 2009 #2
There is some kind of bar in Gdansk where Brits , Scots , Irish , and other dodgy types hang out , its been mentioned on the forum before...if you cant find the thread no doubt somebody will be along soon to tell you the best places....have fun...
darkthejesus - | 5
13 Mar 2010 #3
night life in GdaƄsk ????
are you dreaming ???
30 Apr 2014 #4
Merged: Visiting Gdansk May 4 - nightlife recommendation

Hello. Can anyone recommend a good place for nightlife in Gdansk? Obviously Polish women are a plus. Also looking to find a place that is friendly to Americans/Brits.

Normal fun loving guy just looking to experience Poland and have a good time. Not looking for trouble.


Thank you!

smurf 39 | 1,971
30 Apr 2014 #5
Gdansk is usually as dead as disco at night, go to Sopot, everyone else does :)
Plenty of pubs, restuarants, clubs there and it's only 10 mins away on the train and i think they run every 15/20mins.
Dougpol1 31 | 2,640
30 Apr 2014 #6
Get the suburban train Rosco - it's called SKM - get out at Sopot - follow the youths down the hill to the beach - there only is one road - but it is VERY important to exit the station at the end next to the driver.

There is only one real happening street - Monte-Cassino - and you will find it by following the mob.
The real teenage hot spots are down near the pier.
I couldn't tell you anything else - I am old enough to be a grandfather and I hate that sort of **** music and scene anyway :)

PS It doesn't kick off until 10 PM.

PPS smurf is incorrect - the SKM runs every 30 minutes after 8 PM so check those schedules. Waiting 30 mins in the wind is no joke. Believe me - I know - FFS :(
19 Apr 2017 #7

Strip clubs in Trojmiasto

Hello I am going to Trojmiasto in july and was wondering if girls can come in to stripclubs in poland?
2 Apr 2019 #8

Norwegians to Gdansk

Hello. We're 2-3 norwegians in mid 20s, nothing like stagparty brits, may I add. Any locals want to hang out and show us the nightlife? All expenses we will take care off.

Also, is airbnb or hotels recommended? We're either going to sopot or gdansk, we think.
Dougpol1 31 | 2,640
2 Apr 2019 #9
Try the website "Odloty."
Rich Mazur 4 | 3,053
2 Apr 2019 #10
Nothing good happens at 2 am while drunk.

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