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Gdansk at night - where do I go for nightlife?

Macduff 9 | 69    
23 Jun 2009  #1

Ok I see thier is only 46 people on line! Question is I am in Gdansk on Tuesday night where do I go for some night life (Clubs,Pubs)

wildrover 98 | 4,459    
23 Jun 2009  #2

There is some kind of bar in Gdansk where Brits , Scots , Irish , and other dodgy types hang out , its been mentioned on the forum before...if you cant find the thread no doubt somebody will be along soon to tell you the best places....have fun...
darkthejesus - | 5    
13 Mar 2010  #3

night life in GdaƄsk ????
are you dreaming ???
30 Apr 2014  #4

Merged: Visiting Gdansk May 4 - nightlife recommendation

Hello. Can anyone recommend a good place for nightlife in Gdansk? Obviously Polish women are a plus. Also looking to find a place that is friendly to Americans/Brits.

Normal fun loving guy just looking to experience Poland and have a good time. Not looking for trouble.


Thank you!

smurf 39 | 1,995    
30 Apr 2014  #5

Gdansk is usually as dead as disco at night, go to Sopot, everyone else does :)
Plenty of pubs, restuarants, clubs there and it's only 10 mins away on the train and i think they run every 15/20mins.
Dougpol1 25 | 1,725    
30 Apr 2014  #6

Get the suburban train Rosco - it's called SKM - get out at Sopot - follow the youths down the hill to the beach - there only is one road - but it is VERY important to exit the station at the end next to the driver.

There is only one real happening street - Monte-Cassino - and you will find it by following the mob.
The real teenage hot spots are down near the pier.
I couldn't tell you anything else - I am old enough to be a grandfather and I hate that sort of **** music and scene anyway :)

PS It doesn't kick off until 10 PM.

PPS smurf is incorrect - the SKM runs every 30 minutes after 8 PM so check those schedules. Waiting 30 mins in the wind is no joke. Believe me - I know - FFS :(
19 Apr 2017  #7


Strip clubs in Trojmiasto

Hello I am going to Trojmiasto in july and was wondering if girls can come in to stripclubs in poland?

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