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Gdansk and the idea of freedom - "Touch the freedom" campaign

Karen79 1 | 2
15 Sep 2010 #1
Gdansk has started campaign Touch the freedom.
The city presents 4 ads. Three are quite unconventional ;-)

Watch how Gdansk promotes the idea of freedom:

Bare farmer to combine promotes Gdańsk, Poland

A farmer driving a combine harvester through a field of sheds clothes and dives into working inside the machine, and then happily with her ​​jumps and password after rżysku - so contrary to appearances, does not begin rediscovered after years of sketch comedy group Monty Python , but the promotional video .... the city of Gdańsk . Three short films that look at the amateur productions gay surfers is funded by the City of promotional campaign . Cost - two million . But amazed Danzig citizens ask: what is it?

How do you like it?
convex 20 | 3,978
15 Sep 2010 #2
i like the butterfly one alot.

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