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Gdansk - where to go and what's cool to see?

nemo 1 | 3
10 Jun 2011 #1

I've visited Poland twice so far (2004, 2008), now I'm plannig my third trip.
I never use any tourist guides - that sucks. I prefer something original. E.g. in Katowice I had a great day with crazy guides (cool idea!).

This summer I want to see Gdansk for the first time. I've already made reservation for a historical bus, that will take me for a spin around the town (, does anybody know anything else? ;)

pawian 222 | 23,766
10 Jun 2011 #2
You should definitely see the second longest building in Europe: nearly 1 km.
welshguyinpola 23 | 463
11 Jun 2011 #3
If you're talking about falowce in Gdansk Przymorze, there is nothing to see, and the people who live there certainly wouldn't recommend it. Communism at its greatest
wildrover 98 | 4,441
11 Jun 2011 #4
Is that a cake in your second picture....?

can i have it...?
11 Jun 2011 #5
Actually you should go to see it. It might be ugly, but it's very symbolic. And only a short walk from beautiful beaches if you had out there.
peter_olsztyn 6 | 1,098
11 Jun 2011 #6
This summer I want to see Gdansk for the first time.

It's a beautiful city and you don't need any advice. Just keep you eyes wide open and you'll be delighted. Funny photo from the trip you can take there ;)
11 Jun 2011 #7
the Baltic sea is nice, especially in winter when it freezes. Go to the pier and beaches in Sopot.
OP nemo 1 | 3
12 Jun 2011 #8
Thanks to all, I'll try to add these places to my Ikarus route schedule :)
Kazikowski 17 | 101
13 Jun 2011 #9
There's a street off near the 'Zuraw" (the 1000 year old building which makes/loads ships), and its got store after store of amber and amber-jewelery. I strongly recommend it in Winter over Summer, due to less crowded German tourists.
Leonis 30 | 61
14 Sep 2012 #10
[Moved from]: Can tourists visit Gdańsk container terminal?

How much is the port accessible? Are tourists allowed to go in (eg. via organised ship trips on the channel like in Hamburg or sthing)?

Please give me info, because I love harbours and shipspotting ^.^
pip 10 | 1,659
14 Sep 2012 #11
there are tour boats that you can take in both Gdynia and Gdansk of the harbours.
mertyildirim - | 2
5 May 2014 #12
Merged: Where to go in Gdansk

I will be in Gdansk for 10 days. Anyone can tell me where to go , what to do in Gdansk, day life, night life informations etc.
PippoLeon - | 1
16 Nov 2014 #13
Merged: Hey! Newbie here in Gdansk

Hey, im here in Gdansk, its my second day in this city, third week in Poland. I will study here but for now doing nothing and i have no idea what can i do for spending time. Can you give me some tips about hanging around here?
Dougpol1 31 | 2,640
19 Nov 2014 #14
i have no idea what can i do for spending time

In this weather?

Drink, and then drink some more.
Monitor 14 | 1,818
20 Nov 2014 #15
Find somebody through to show you around. You can check this url:
marteen - | 2
9 May 2016 #16
Merged: What to do in or around Gdansk

Hello. My name is Martin. I am travelling to Poland with my family this summer (july or august). We have got plan to go to Gdansk for about 3-4 days. But we actually don't know what to do here. We would like to go around city in Gdansk, than we want to see Gdansk zoo. Can I ask you for some good attractions (what to do here or around the city). I've seen Aquapark in Sopot, than JumpCity in Gdynia. Have you got some more ideas for me? It would be great if you would help me! Thanks
Grzegorz_ 51 | 6,149
9 May 2016 #17 -> it's like 1h away thought.
Jardinero 1 | 405
9 May 2016 #18
I suggest exploring the coast (especially coming from SK).
I would definitely visit the Hel Peninsula (fear not - it is not Hell ;-)).
The Wanderer
2 Jul 2016 #19
Having been to the beaches and pier in Sopot, what else is there to see?
After seeing the destroyer ORP Błyskawica in Gydnia, what else is there?
What is there to see on the Hel Peninsula?
What is the best place to meet girls?
jon357 74 | 21,935
2 Jul 2016 #20
what else is there to see?

The Amber Museum in Gdansk is worth a look, as is Westerplatte.

What is there to see on the Hel Peninsula?

Trees and beaches, mostly.

What is the best place to meet girls?

Plenty of nightclubs there, a big one in Sopot.
The Wanderer
2 Jul 2016 #21
Any place to rent a sailboat for a few hours?
jon357 74 | 21,935
2 Jul 2016 #22
Why not get the train down to Malbork? It's an impressive castle (best seen from the outside, and the guided tours are a drag on a hot day) but still worth a trip. Or cross over to Kaliningrad if you can get a visa.

As for sailboats, in Gdansk itself you'll need an existing certificate if you want to navigate it yourself. It contains major shipping lanes in a very small area and is therefore very controlled.
The Wanderer
5 Jul 2016 #23
Actually, I took the train up and saw the castle as I was going by. (Malbork castle is Germanic. Polish castles are across the present border in the Ukraine.) I am interested in sun and sand now. I am interested in heading West along the Baltic coast and may end up in Swinoujscie. Maybe someone has some suggestions for what to see along the way. (Other than the nudist beach across the German border...;)
jon357 74 | 21,935
5 Jul 2016 #24
Maybe someone has some suggestions for what to see along the way

Kolobrzeg is a nice little town. A good beach with sea swans (but dangerous in some places for swimming - there are signs forbidding it on some parts of the beach, some decent restaurants in the resort area and a nice town square a walk away.

nudist beach

Plenty of those in Poland, a good one at Gdansk. Basically Stoga beach, about 2 km from the main entrance, going away from town.
MandM 1 | 1
17 Oct 2016 #25
Merged: Gdansk - What is there to do?

Hi guys,

Im visiting Gdansk before Christmas and was wondering if anyone has any ideas of things to do there over a weekend? Possibly even meet for a beer.


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