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Family Places to visit in Warsaw that would interest a 7 year old..

Tartar 1 | 22
16 Sep 2015 #1
First and foremost would like to say hello to everyone,

Am looking for suggestions of good places to visit (day trips are fine) from Warszawa, that would interest a 7 year old..
(preferably first hand recommendations)

We have so far done the Copernicus centre, the army museum in Warszawa, Army Museum in Wilanow - Warszawa, the train museum Warszawa, Chopin Museum near Warszawa, Warszawa Zoo, Warsaw design museum (* she wasn't that interested in it), the philharmonic Warszawa, children's theatre shows in Warszawa, Zakopane, the seaside, Baltow family fun park, Wielka Sowa, Silesia Gold Mine, Coal Mine and Palace in Lower Silesia, the stone park\sculptures in Lower Silesia - all were great and would highly recommend all of the above except the design museum as I think she was too young.

The only thing that is still on the do list is the Palace of Culture (to visit the top) and the Polish air force museum near Krakow - what else would you suggest?

17 Sep 2015 #2
the Polish air force museum near Krakow

While you're down there, Wieliczka salt mine is unmissable.
Roger5 1 | 1,455
17 Sep 2015 #3
Wieliczka +1. Unforgettable. And you can lick the walls. For such a young visitor I'd suggest going in the morning and scheduling just that trip for the day as it's quite a hike.
17 Sep 2015 #4
Warszawa Zoo

Zamosc zoo is far better, but it's not really a day trip (four hours on the train each way). But the town is quite possibly the nicest in Poland, so it's well worth a night there.

And you can lick the walls.

Normally I recommend that people who are going to visit take a small bottle of tequila and a couple of limes, but I doubt that would be appropriate in this case.
OP Tartar 1 | 22
2 Oct 2015 #5
Thanks Harry Wieliczka is definitely a must and Zamosc zoo looks really interesting.

Thanks for the Tequila & salt tip, will remember that if there is every an adult trip without kids.. :-)
DominicB - | 2,709
2 Oct 2015 #6
£owicz would be a great day trip. It's only an hour away. The town is cute, and there is a small skansen behind the city museum on the square that your kid might like. Also, the view from the top of the cathedral tower.

Very close to £owicz are:

Śromów, with it's interesting folk museum that she will find fascinating (no, it's not a boring, dry museum. It's one of a kind and kids love it. REALLY love it.),

Arkady, a really cool park with artificial ruins, the ideal place for a picnic; and

the impressive palace in Nieborów.

All this can easily be done in a rather unrushed day trip, with time to spare.
OP Tartar 1 | 22
5 Oct 2015 #7
Thanks DominicB - That sounds perfect.

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