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Driving from Gdansk to Vienna, Austria

Qacer 38 | 125
25 Mar 2010 #1
Hello... We are planning a road trip. We would like to drive from Gdansk all the way to Vienna, Austria, but we were thinking of stopping by some other places on the way. So far, I have the following on my list:

- Poznan
- Wroclaw
- Prague

Are there any other places that we can stop by that is on the way?

On the way back, we'll probably swing east to Slovakia and up to Zakopane, Krakow, Warsaw, and back to Gdansk.

z_darius 14 | 3,964
25 Mar 2010 #2
Gniezno - Poland's first capital
Klodzko and vicinity - lots of historic sites.

There are also Legnica and Glogow, both with some interesting history.

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