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How many days should I allow for a trip to Gdansk and a visit to another city?

action_j 1 | 1
23 Jul 2014 #1
Hi my wife and I are setting a trip to Gdansk whats your opinion about trip duration how many days will be enough to enjoy all the stuff: restaurant drinking attraction fun ... and also want to visit another city as possible by 5 or 6 days will be OK? thanx for replying
gumishu 15 | 6,186
23 Jul 2014 #2
it takes 2 or 3 days two visit all places worth visiting in Gdańsk I guess , you can leave one day for just relaxing in cafes or pubs and spending some time on the beach - go to Jelitkowo or Brzeźno (they are parts of Gdańsk) to sea the Bay and the beach - you can dine there - they both have a good tram connection to the city centre - you may consider visiting Gdynia which as you probably know is just a shouting distance from Gdańsk (it takes about half an hour from Gdańsk Central Station to Gdynia Główna(main station) on the SKM city railroad) - it is enough to have a day for Gdynia - it has a museum ship (Błyskawica destroyer a historical object - remembers the war etc) and a big sea fauna aquarium just opposite of the museum ship

then you can go to Malbork which is some 50 or 60 km away from Gdańsk with a massive clay brick medieval Teutonic castle - it has a pretty good railway connection to Gdańsk -

also read the 'similar threads' below this post
jon357 74 | 22,387
24 Jul 2014 #3
A couple of days for Gdansk is good. 3 if you really want to see everything. Warsaw is worth a visit during the rest of the time.

Jelitkowo or Brzeźno

Pleasant enough, but essentially rather boring suburbs with beaches.


A nice but industrial town, Sopot too, but not industrial. You can see both in a day.
welshguyinpola 23 | 463
24 Jul 2014 #4
Not kidding you now, you can see Gdansk in half a day. There is basically one street and a few other attractions off the main street. It is a small place and not really very exciting.
OP action_j 1 | 1
25 Jul 2014 #5
thanx for replying any notable shopping center in Gdansk?
cjj - | 281
25 Jul 2014 #6
I'd say a day is enough for Gdansk - you could do it in half a day if you were inclined to rush. Sopot is nightlife and bad traffic. Gdynia is ... mmmm ... not very exciting unless you simply want to say you've been there.

As for notable shopping centres ... I'm not sure about the notable idea (pretty much seen-one-seen-them-all) but gdansk has and now gdynia has And there's Klif which has an M&S :)

Beach time in my opinion is best spent on the north coast (it's pretty much one, long beach) -- the water in the Bay of Gdansk gets murky in the summer -- but the beaches around Gdansk/Sopot/Gdynia will have more cafes/bars than the northerly ones where you might need to hike for a mile to get there from the car park and then just find white sand, calm water and no signs of human life ...

Oh - and Jarmark Dominika is about to start in Gdansk for anyone visiting during August:

I find it a pleasant place to live but never sure where to find the wow factor for visitors ...


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