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A 3-day trip to Prague from Krakow. Best travel options?

SS1313 4 | 12
6 May 2012 #1
Hello Everyone,

We want to go to Prague for 3 day trip from Krakow? What are best options?
1. Driving own car , is it safe? Comfortable ? May be we have flexibility to see places on the way ..
2. By Train - are these fast & cheap?
3. By Flight----

smurf 39 | 1,979
6 May 2012 #2
czech has better roads so thats a plus.
i'd take the train though, just coz if I was driving i wouldn't be able to have a pint until the evening
OP SS1313 4 | 12
6 May 2012 #3
but lately I have been hearing that Polish roads are improving, lot of new roads are being laid down, though not so sure of safety on roads because of driving habits
Pushbike 2 | 58
6 May 2012 #5
Check out Polskie bus. cheap as chips but may take a while
DepressedOne - | 34
7 May 2012 #6
Going by car have one, big advantage: you're flexible. But it isn't very cheap(petrol) and you're tired after all day of driving. Train is a good option.

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