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No data while roaming in Lyca

Paritosh 10 | 62
22 Apr 2014 #1

I have a Lycamobile sim card, I recently went to denmark, but the data was not working, when asked with team at Lycamobile, they informed that they dont have facility of using data on roaming.

When asked my colleague, he told me all the plans here are very costly in roaming , like for play , t mobile.
I plan to visit more European countries in future, so what will be a good option in such cases?
I would like to have internet handy , to google or to use GPS and other necessities
22 Apr 2014 #2
Buy a prepaid SIM card when you arrive (at the airport if possible).
OP Paritosh 10 | 62
22 Apr 2014 #3
Hi Harry,

Thanks for your response.
So, that way I would probably have a lot of sim cards from different country- is not there one sim card from whole Europe or some thing like that
22 Apr 2014 #4
Yes there are cards like that. The problem is that they are more expensive than just buying a SIM card for each country (I tend to buy as much credit as as I think I'll use and then treat the card as a one-use thing).
OP Paritosh 10 | 62
22 Apr 2014 #5
Ohh seems good option, so I am visiting Prague - probably by bus on 1st May(holiday)
What are the chances I can get the sim card on the holiday as I will not travel by flight
22 Apr 2014 #6
I'd say that your chances are pretty good: there's not exactly a shortage of shops selling SIM cards and unlike some countries the formalities of buying a SIM card go no further than simply handing them your cash.

Although with that said, the new version of Google maps for Android makes using GPS offline possible, so you might want to just think about using Polish operator roaming (in a very limited way) and wifi where possible.
OP Paritosh 10 | 62
22 Apr 2014 #7
Ohh okay , its a relief that i can buy a sim card , if required
do you know any sim card company of which i can buy sim??

PS: Also, if you have any experience to share of visiting prague, i am traveling alone
22 Apr 2014 #8
I just buy Vodafone, but that's because they have a shop at the airport for me to go to while waiting for my transfer.

PS: Also, if you have any experience to share of visiting prague, i am traveling alone

I'm not a fan of Prague myself. The place is very touristy and the locals seem to resent that. We tend to fly in, have a day there and then head to other towns first thing the next morning. Personally I could happily give the place a complete miss and get the train the same day as flying in but the Mrs loves a restaurant in Prague (Cestr, stunningly good beef) and always wants to walk over Charles bridge (God only knows why: it's always packed with people). My top tip is to dive down random streets just to see what's there and keep off the main tourist runs. Oh, and don't bother trying Absinthe: it's hugely overpriced and something no self-respecting Czech would do anything other than laugh at (or sell at vastly inflated prices to gullible tourists).

One of the few places I have found where locals happily mix with tourists is U Zlateho Tygra (the Golden Tiger). Awesomely good beer and the crowd really do not give a fcuk who you are or where you're from. The first time we were there, a couple of years ago, we were sharing a table with two elderly Spanish tourists who were happily talking to a Czech couple they'd just met in Russian about poetry, two Czech blokes who appeared to have just finished painting a flat, three middle-aged Czech blokes who spoke some English and a smattering of Polish and the Czech deputy foreign minister and his assistant (or so one of the three middle-aged Czech told me, I didn't believe them until later when I googled the bloke and found they were either telling the truth or the man had a twin brother). Don't miss the place.
16 Jun 2016 #9
so that's the case, i just arrived Greece and my data is not working with my Polish lyca, I
have tried all settings but none solved the issue. i cant even send sms but i do make and receive calls.

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