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Country-style hotel outside Warsaw

resident 1 | 27
10 Dec 2010 #1
well, as the title indicates, I'm looking for a nice rustic-style hotel reasonably close to Warsaw for a couple of nights - sleigh rides in the forest, and mulled wine by a fireplace in the evening. Ideally would be a similar style set-up to Kania Lodge in the north, ie the sort of place you will have good food and enjoy with your partner. Does such a place exist in the vicinity of Warsaw?
15 Dec 2010 #2
Try the Gromada at the airport: anybody who thinks that Royal India is one of the best Indian restaurants in Poland will think that the Gromada is the height of luxury.
OP resident 1 | 27
23 Dec 2010 #3
thanks Harry. As ever your response is most helpful.
Zed - | 195
23 Dec 2010 #4
I can't remember names, but look in the vicinity of Zalew Zegrzynski... Many good places there.
7 Jan 2011 #5
Good place to visit, not so far from Warsaw:

Nice Hotel with all the trimmings.

More of a budget place, but quite traditional.

There is also this place close by Zegrze lake: I have not stayed here,as it is a little to close to Warsaw for a weekend of night, I have been to the palace and it looks ok,although it was still a work in progress at the time.

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