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What is the cheapest way to get from Modlin airport to Warsaw?

OP jumpy 1 | 10
1 Nov 2012 #61
Tony, don't worry, your English is far better than my Polish, which is nil. Thanks jumpy.
5 Nov 2012 #62
I will arrive at 9:55 AM on thursday november 15. Anyone wants to share a taxi?

Kind regards :)

taximodlin24 - | 1
21 Nov 2012 #63
Airpot Modlin Taxi
Airpot Modlin TaxiOrder cheap and convenient drive from the Airport Modlin - in all directions.

Taxi - max. 8 people plus luggage.

Order TAXI Modlin.
Contact phone +48 512 475 321
greti55 - | 2
27 Dec 2012 #64
Merged: How can I go from Modlin Airport to Warsaw city centre ?

Hey everybody !
I would need your help !
I would like to go to Warsaw but I checked and the airport is reeeeaally far from the city centre. I saw on the internet the Modlin Bus . Could somebody tell me how much would it be ? And how can I book the ticket online cuz I saw it would be possible and it would be 1 zł . Did I translate well ?

Thanks for your help
gumishu 13 | 6,064
27 Dec 2012 #65
the Modlin airport airstrip is under reconstruction right now and is effectively shut down untill the works are finished which should take at least one week

you can catch a train from a nearby railway station to the city of Warsaw when the works are finished
greti55 - | 2
28 Dec 2012 #66
oh alright . i would go on 19 January then i guess they will finish ... probably :) ... hopefully :)
4 Jun 2013 #67
Cheap taxi from Modlin Airport to Warsaw
+48 511 633 440
AB Everest
19 Feb 2014 #68
I'm the owner of AB Everest:) Glob Taxi is not the same company that AB Everest.
jon357 71 | 20,799
20 Feb 2014 #69
What price do you do the run between Modlin and Metro Mlociny for?
4 Mar 2014 #70
Is this offer still open? We arrive 15 March at 11am and leave Tuesday 18 at 11am. Let me know if still available and how much. Thanks Ev

we're on Glasgow-Modlin Saturday 15th March arriving at 11am - anyone want to share an AB Everest private hire with us - about 40 zlt per head
7 Mar 2014 #71
we're on Glasgow-Modlin Saturday 15th March arriving at 11am - anyone want to share an AB Everest private hire with us - about 40 zlt per head

If there are two of you, a taxi with Glob to anywhere in the city will only cost you 50zl each anyway.
lukasz1 - | 4
20 Mar 2014 #72
How much does a taxi cost from Modlin airport to the city centre?

should be about 30 EUR. Remember to ask a taxi driver about approx. price before trip:)
25 Jun 2014 #73
Guaranteed Low Cost Warsaw Airport Transfer service - most comfortable and convenient way to travel from and to Warsaw.

But far from the cheapest, right?
You are charging EUR 35, correct? Glob charge 99zl, which is EUR 24.
jon357 71 | 20,799
25 Jun 2014 #74
AB Everest charge me 100zl, door to door (from North Warsaw) and you can book online. They also offer a cheaper alternative where you share a minibus taxi. I've used them 3 times now (since the post earlier in this thread) and recommend them.
9 Jul 2014 #75
Never go with , they will try to cheat you.....and if you dont know the pricing be very careful, after some emailing with them, (i complained on the price offered on the site and the one given to me, they lowered the price but of course not enough...).

"Transfers for foreigners are a little bit higher because of better service (driver with english, bottle of water etc).


Go with Global Taxi, call them, they know english, fixed rate from Modlin of 99zlt , and it works to book ahead etc....
9 Nov 2014 #76
Harry I need a taxi from Modlin to Warsaw city, can you help, regards gary Wavell.
Wulkan - | 3,243
9 Nov 2014 #77
I'm afraid Harry doesn't work for a taxi company
9 Nov 2014 #78
Okay Wulkan, having been to parts of Poland many times, can you recommend a good Taxi company please to take me from Modlin to the city without hassle, or being ripped off, thanks Gary.

Price please from Modlin to city,28 Dec, return 31 Dec, regards Gary.
gumishu 13 | 6,064
9 Nov 2014 #79
this one seems convenient but it is quite expensive I think modlin transport
the price for getting to the centre of Warsaw from the Modlin Airport is 129 PLN (30 euro)
18 Nov 2014 #80
Merged: taxi from modlin airport to novotel centrum

how much taxi from modlin airport to novotel centrum .. do I need to book? are there taxi's outside ? which ones do I need to avoid ?
Monitor 14 | 1,820
18 Nov 2014 #81
Here you have prices of 3 companies: modlinairport/taxi.html

Here you have a cheap company: globcabtaxi/transfer-lotnisko-modlin-warszawa

For sure there are taxis waiting in front of the airport. Just ask about the price before entering car, not to be surprised later. If the price is too high, then call for globcabtaxi.
jon357 71 | 20,799
19 Nov 2014 #82
how much taxi from Modlin airport to novotel centrum .. do I need to book?

I strongly recommend these, you can book online:
I've used them several times. I do not recommend just getting a taxi outside the hotel.
roteiro - | 5
8 Dec 2014 #83
Look at It is my favourite taxi transfer service. You can easily book a taxi on the website and get a car in time. I used it for transfer to airports and hotels in different countries. I guess, they can provide such a service for you and you can get all the info on their website.
8 Dec 2014 #84
I do not recommend just getting a taxi outside the hotel.

For a trip to Modlin airport that would be a spectacularly bad idea. At the wrong time of day, the taxi could easily cost a couple of times more than one's flight!
nicky89 - | 4
5 Feb 2015 #85
I'm not sure about Warsaw but here in Sopot I use transfers from As far as I remember they have transfers in various places in whole Poland and I must admit they service is just brilliant. I mean, drivers are well-dressed, know foreign languages and can transfer you anywhere for a really affordable price :)
cheapesttaxi - | 2
29 Mar 2015 #86
Hi all welcome, of course Modlin airport to the center of Warsaw licensed taxi costs 90 PLN. It is a good price. Issue a receipt. Normally when I Warsaw 1.80zł rate for 1km. If you are interested in an honest taxi passing write to me, please email or call for Skype. My number Skype: borzobohaty1980, my phone number +48 660 873 825.

regards, Maciej

ps. My car is a 2008 Skoda SuperB, climatic etc ..

If you have any questions about how to operate a taxi in Poland, what are the rules will be happy to answer your questions. Certainly, do not get in a taxi from the street only by corporations
Collin - | 1
1 Jul 2015 #87
@cheapesttaxi can you contact me?
jon357 71 | 20,799
1 Jul 2015 #88
Uber do the cheapest deal to and from Modlin.
1 Jul 2015 #89
Do Uber do a fixed price to Modlin now?
jon357 71 | 20,799
1 Jul 2015 #90
Yes - 90zl from Warsaw and Suburbs. Very good value if you live in the south of the city:

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