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Car Service for airport pickup in Krakow?

grspring 11 | 55
8 Jul 2013 #1
Could someone recommend a reliable car service for airport pickup in Krakow and transport to my apartment. We will probably use them several during the following two weeks and for return to the airport.

8 Jul 2013 #2
You can try here
What it would probably be cheaper to take a cab at the airport and arrange with the driver for the following days.
OP grspring 11 | 55
8 Oct 2013 #3
I have an answer to my own question that I forgot to post. We found Krakow Airport Express. Used them for a tour and for airport transport. Excellent, friendly service.
peterweg 37 | 2,311
8 Oct 2013 #4
The airport has its own taxi scheme, fixed price.

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