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Cables on facades of krakow buildings

16 Jun 2014 #1
I love Krakow, however one thing that takes me out of my nerves is the amount of cables hanging on building facades. You can see them basically on a lot of building, even in center. It seems aesthetics is not something krakowians care much about. Thoughts ?

I have been to many other cities in Poland and Krakow for sure krakow wins on Cables per Building :)
johnb121 4 | 184
16 Jun 2014 #2
Can you imagine the cost of burying all those cables and re-wiring the buildings, not to mention the damage to buildings hundreds of years old?
OP Miendo
16 Jun 2014 #3
well, you dont really need to rewire the entire building. I understand that would be expensive but if you need to have wires on the facade of an historical building doesn't it makes sense to expend (probably no more than 20 euros) on hooks and nails so that the cables are at least straight and not a random mess.

If the building is historical the least their inhabitants should do is to show some some respect, but nobody seems to care.
Dougpol1 32 | 3,296
16 Jun 2014 #4
Welcome to Poland. Aesthetics?

Silly cars and Hugo Boss - yes. Buildings no.

Blame legislation. Any normal society would force the leaseholder to tie the cabling to the building as you so rightly say. I despair.

Plus, Krakow is a kitsch Austro-Hungarian ******** anyway :)
OP Miendo
16 Jun 2014 #5
Also this "phenomenon" is not exclusive to historical buildings. Maybe this picture explains better my observation.

This is not really an historical building, ( It's on Kazimierz , quiet close from Galeria Krakowska)

I know people that live here might be poor, but this i don't think is an explanation because this could be improved basically without cost. Also do you think that the city should provide any funds to improve the facades of privately own buildings? do you think aesthetics have effect on peoples life and actually reduce crime and the amount of graffitis in krakow? is this "i don't care" mentality affecting other aspects of peoples life?

i am actually writing an essay about this. So your insights will be very welcome.
kpc21 1 | 763
16 Jun 2014 #6
As for me, they should be somewhere inside the building, for example in the staircase - but maybe it would be problematic to pull them somehow onto the roof. So they are on the facade. And again it is not easy to attatch this cable, since it's quite high. They would need a special crew which can work on heights, or at least they would have to rent a scaffolding.
Dougpol1 32 | 3,296
16 Jun 2014 #7
The leaseholder is property rich. He should be made to pay. All this bull about inability to pay is unique to Poland and I used to use the same excuse (ie working for the state) when pulled over by the cops.

But this calls for legislation. Eyesores need cutting out. Miendo is right. When some people see ****, they do ****.

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