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How much is a cab: Warsaw airport to the bus station?

osiol 55 | 3,922
24 Dec 2007 #1
Ile kosztuje?

Warsaw airport to the bus station???

I just need to know because taxi drivers everywhere are rip-off merchants.
I'll be there the day after boxing day looking for this answer.
I hope I won't need any of the swearing I have learnt.
hello 22 | 891
24 Dec 2007 #2
It depends on the route the driver takes, so the fees may vary. I would say Polish cab drivers overcharge 20% on average.
Sternik 2 | 12
25 Dec 2007 #3
I was there this past summer, and found taxi rates quite reasonable?? Maybe I got lucky? Which bus station do you need to get to?
Seanus 15 | 19,706
26 Dec 2007 #4
Back in 2005, one tried to charge me 60zł which I knew to be OTT. Speaking Polish makes you appear more credible so I got it right down to 35zł. A little steep maybe but you pay for convenience
polski_zyd 2 | 72
26 Feb 2008 #5
In light traffic... around 25.00-30.00 PLN to anywhere around Warszawa Centralna/Aleje Jerolzolimskie.

The proper (i.e. non-Mafia) cabs in Warsaw charge 1.80-2.30 PLN per km, and it's about 10km to the centre via the usual routes. I can't remember what the meter starts at, though.

Cost is probably a similar amount to the bus station (I assume you mean PKS Warszawa Zachodnia?), but I never take that route, so not sure exactly.

The direct route to the city centre generally follows the 175 bus route, i.e. via Zwirki i Wigury, then past the Filtry and the Sobieski Hotel, Warszawa Ochota station, etc. If they start taking you via Mokotow or Wola then they are ripping you off, likewise if they charge you a lot more than 35.00 PLN. Likewise, if they take you via the centre to go to the PKS station, they are taking the long way round to rip you off.
jones101 1 | 349
26 Feb 2008 #6
Unless you have loads of luggage or are just too elitist to take the was mentioned the 175 runs regularly and is just as fast as a taxi and less than 1 usd.
scottie1113 7 | 898
27 Feb 2008 #7
In August I paid 30 zl from the airport to my friend's flat near the station-metered cab. The guy who approached me inside the airport wanted 200 zl! Just go outside to the taxi stand. At least those guys were honest and had reasonable prices.
Grounded 4 | 99
27 Feb 2008 #8
We paid 23 Euro from the Airport to the Old Town. Thought it was a bit much to be honest but at least we didnt have any hassle
Mufasa 19 | 358
27 Feb 2008 #10
don't take any of the ones that are waiting to pick u up - call Ele or Sawa, and wait a little bit - unless of course one of them is ready to pick you up.

23 euro was a bit of a rip-off, i think
jones101 1 | 349
27 Feb 2008 #11
23ZL should darn near get you to the central station...shouldnt be more than 30-35 ZL to the old town unless you are being had.
SzwedwPolsce 11 | 1,595
8 Aug 2010 #12
This is an important thread.

Taxi (taxameter) from the airport to the Central station costs 25-30 zl.

However, it's very common that people inside the airport try to get like 60 zl. Never accept anything else than taxameter.
jonni 16 | 2,485
8 Aug 2010 #13
Yes. The bus is cheapest though, but if you're staying in a good hotel, they should be able to arrange a taxi.

In Warsaw, never, ever, use a taxi without the name of the company and a phone number on the side unless you speak good Polish. ELE (22) 8111111 and MPT, the largest companies both have English-speaking dispatchers, and ELE are particularly good with foreign customers. ELE, I think, have a taxi rank at the airport now.

Though like many countries, a certain percentage will always be thieving gits. In case of doubt, get out of the cab and call (or pretend to call) the police - the taxi regulators are so strict nowadays that the drivers are very wary. Never use Bayer Taxi - their drivers have a habit of beating up passengers.
SzwedwPolsce 11 | 1,595
8 Aug 2010 #14
Bus is highly recommended. Not much slower than a taxi, but extremely much cheaper.
escapee3 8 | 63
9 Aug 2010 #15
Never use Bayer Taxi - their drivers have a habit of beating up passengers.

Hee hee, I love the way this is like an afterthought! :-)
Zed - | 195
9 Aug 2010 #16
Some rules for you:

1. Do not ever discuss with guys inside the airport terminal who offer their taxi services. Ignore them and walk outside the building.
2. Wait in line outside, on the curb, for a licensed metered taxi (only 3 companies currently, I think, but they come quickly and frequently)
3. Give directions, ask for a receipt - in advance, by law they have to give it to you.
4. Rates vary, as others here had indicated, I have seen no higher than 2,80PLN/km. Typically 2,20 - 2,40.
5. Weekends, national holidays and night (after 10pm) rates are roughly 50% higher
6. Starting rate is usually 6PLN.

Good luck
jonni 16 | 2,485
9 Aug 2010 #17

Great advice, except a few companies (usually the better ones) now start at 3.60 - 2.60 still occasionally exists in Warsaw, but those guys don't do the airport or railway stations.
19 Dec 2010 #18
I always use bus 175. About 1usd depending on the time of day. Takes you to Centralna station. You can get a taxi from there to PKS Warszawa Zachodnia, much cheaper.

Their web site is There is an english section that is quite helpful. Where are you headed from Warsaw?
20 Dec 2010 #19
Never use Bayer Taxi - their drivers have a habit of beating up passengers.

Never heard this before Jonni, it is for real or you just heard stories?
JustysiaS 13 | 2,240
20 Dec 2010 #20
I paid 60zl last year to get to warszawa zachodnia but i was in a rush to catch my bus! :/ When i asked the bloke why so much, he said everyone charges that, so when i told him i saw i should pay about 20zl on Okecie's website he laughed. F*ckin thief, i hope i meet him again next week.
20 Dec 2010 #21
It should be about 40 PLN max from the airport
20 Dec 2010 #22
Never heard this before Jonni, it is for real or you just heard stories?

I've heard stories and spoken to a couple of Bayer drivers about it (they were the company which controlled the rank outside my favourite nightclub). Their opinion was very much that Bayer drivers give out what they get from people: if you're nice to them, they'll be nice to you and if you want trouble, they'll give it to you. I never once got overcharged by them (despite sometimes being much the worse for wear) and even once got a ride home on credit after I'd lost my wallet (driver didn't want to wait for me to go up to my flat and grab some money).
20 Dec 2010 #23
favourite nightclub

The old Bulgarian Embassy, Harry
jonni 16 | 2,485
21 Dec 2010 #24
It was all over the papers a while ago. A lot of people stopped using them because of it.
21 Dec 2010 #25
favourite nightclub

The old Bulgarian Embassy, Harry

Nope: the bakery.
21 Dec 2010 #26
It was all over the papers a while ago. A lot of people stopped using them because of it.

Did not see it, I have taken Bayer taxis in the past, never had any probs,but normally if I do take a taxi, it is MPT, only because I have the number in my phone. In respect of the nonsense that goes on in London, Warsaw is still a safe place.
Zed - | 195
21 Dec 2010 #27
The Bayer incident took place at least 4 years ago, methinks.

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