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Bus travel Krakow to Przemysl

escapee3 8 | 63
11 Jul 2010 #1
Is there a single bus company in Poland (and if so do they have a website with timetables etc that an non Polish reader can navigate with a bit of guess work and Google Translate)?

I'm looking at a journey between Krakow and Przemysl in October this year and wondered how long the journey takes, assuming there is indeed a bus service.

I found a train website, and it surprises me that the journey seems around 4 hours by train.

Thanks for any info...

andy b 4 | 156
12 Jul 2010 #2
I think you can forget the bus for this trip. Train is the way to go. It isn't very quick, but bus would probably be slower anyway.

I checked the website for the Krakow bus station ( and there is only one bus at present from Krakow to Przemyśl.

It is a night bus leaving Krakow at 2am and arriving in Przemyśl at 6.45am! But it only looks like it runs during the summer months.
MIPK - | 69
12 Jul 2010 #3
i'd take the train too... if you take the IR its about 3.5hours... which isnt too bad if you ask me.. leaves Kraków Płaszów at 12.15 according to website
OP escapee3 8 | 63
12 Jul 2010 #4
Sounds like good advice... thanks to you both...

busomat - | 1
28 Feb 2012 #5
If you travel in bigger group you can use portal for hirig coach or bus. It's a very comfortable.

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