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Bialystok - what to expect?

21 Mar 2017 #1

I am visiting a friend for a week in Bilaystok, as this is my first experience with Poland, I am quite nervous!
What is there to do in such a city? Also, how safe is it for a foreign woman to be walking around alone at night, etc?
DominicB - | 2,709
21 Mar 2017 #2

BiaƂystok is a cool town. There are quite a few things to see in the city and in the countryside. Whatever you do, make sure that you attend the Sunday Divine Liturgy at St. Nicholas Orthodox Church. The choir is one of the best in Poland, and it is definitely worth seeing. The service and music are breathtaking.


The Holy Spirit Orthodox Church is also a gem.

There is a really interesting Medical Museum that is worth visiting, too.

You will be safe as long as you avoid drunken people. Threats to personal safety almost always come from drunken people in Poland, so if you avoid them, it is highly unlikely that you will have an unpleasant experience. Don't worry. There are lots of students in town, so you will have no problem finding people to talk too. You'll have fun!
jon357 63 | 15,608
21 Mar 2017 #3
Doing this walk round town can be good:

Also have a look at the Branicki Palace (you can't miss it). There's a nice cafe overlooking the park that used to be the palace gardens.
Lyzko 28 | 7,006
21 Mar 2017 #4
It's also home to the "bialy", a kissing cousin of the bagel!

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