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Best way to get to Krakow Business Park?

Njoko 1 | 2
26 Aug 2011 #1

I'm from Italy and in mid-October I will start working in Krakow Business Park (Zabierzow) and I'm asking if somebody can tell me what is the best way to travel from Krakow to business park. I looked on the internet a bit and as I found out there are two options:

-Train from the main train station
-City buses ?? (MPK) from Bronowice Nowe

Which choice is better? Is there any other mean of public transportation that will take me to Krakow Business Park? Any suggestion, especially from somebody working at KBP would be great.

I need this information in advance, because I will look for an apartment accordingly, because I want to have as easy access to the job as possible.

Thank you very much for your help!
Best regards.
Olaf 6 | 956
26 Aug 2011 #2

I'll answer shortly, but sufficiently:

Public transport (MPK): buses (lines: 238 or 248)
Trains (PKP): "Zabierzow fast train" goes about 14 minutes, KBP has its own train stop.
Most efficient is the train.

Everything is quite crowded in peak hours, but going there by car is more expensive and takes more time. There is also not enough parking spaces.

I recommend the trains.


ma101nx 4 | 20
26 Aug 2011 #3
As Olaf says, train is the easiest
look for a regional train heading to Katowice, Oświęcim or Krzeszowice

Can find train times here:
OP Njoko 1 | 2
26 Aug 2011 #4
Thank you for the help!

So I think it would be best for me to find a flat near train station ... Is it a nice (safe) place to live? I would think that prices are a bit higher since it is in a centre of a city?
gumishu 13 | 6,067
26 Aug 2011 #5
I guess you can perhaps look for a place in Azory area - it's a housing estate of block of flats from the times of communism- is it safe? hmm I don't know haven't been there in years - I guess it is a lot cheaper than the center of the city - it has a train station suitable for travel to Zabierzów (PKP Kraków £obzów)
Olaf 6 | 956
26 Aug 2011 #6
Is it a nice (safe) place to live? I would think that prices are a bit higher since it is in a centre of a city?

What do you mean if it's safe? Of course it's safe. Krakow isn't situated at the foot of a volcano mountain;). And it is far safer than e.g. streets in the UK - bearing in mind the recent riots...

Choose the city centre, where you have the vicinity of the main train station and all the benefits - close to main market sq., close to pubs & restaurants, close to commute to work etc. For a small studio apartment you would pay about 1600 zł with utilities. But there are also very nice ones for a bit bigger price if you wish.

Katowice, Oświęcim or Krzeszowice

Yes, and when you buy the ticket (there is something like a cheaper monthly ticket too, I think) you ask for a ticket to Krakow Business Park (Zabierzow is a different, further stop in the town of Zabierzow while KBP is between Krakow and Zabierzow, it can be quite confusing).
OP Njoko 1 | 2
26 Aug 2011 #7
Thanks for your help!

Gumishu: I found Azory a bit to far away from citiy centre but thanks for the advice.

Olaf: I meant safe in a terms of street crime, not volcanos :) I realize now it’s a bit silly question since it is a city centre we are talking about. :)

I would be perfectly satisfied with a studio or one bedroom apartment since I will not be able to afford anything more expensive. I’m also considering renting a room in shared apartment (but not with students) if it would be substantially cheaper.

Does “1600 zł with utilities” means that this price is covering rent and all other monthly expenses (electricity, water, gas, …)?

Thanks again for your help.
Best regards!
Olaf 6 | 956
26 Aug 2011 #8
covering rent and all other monthly expenses (electricity, water, gas, …)?

yes, if you look deep enough you can find offers in this range, but everything depends on the standard.
15 Mar 2012 #9
me too would like work in Krakow. Can you give advice for work there? in which firm you work?
Martonka - | 4
6 Aug 2013 #10
Merged: How to get at the Kraków Business Park from Katowice?

A breve inzierò lavorare al Kraków Business Park, Ul. Krakowska 280 - 32-080 Zabierzów. Ma abiterò a Katowice.
Ho già visto che è impossibile viaggiare con il treno, a detta del mio ragazzo causa lavori sulla linea ferroviaria.
Qualcuno potrebbe gentilmente indicarmi bus per raggiungere tale luogo, o siti web o persone interessate o che già fanno car sharing da Katowice al Kraków Business Park.

Inoltre qual'è la migliore scuola di lingua a Katowice per poter finalmente imparare una lingua ostrica come il polacco? Grazie! :)

Shortly I will start to work at the Kraków Business Park, Ul. Krakowska 280 - 32-080 Zabierzów. But I will live in Katowice.
I already checked to get there by train but it is quite impossible, my boyfriend says because of works on railway line.
Could someone kindly tell me which buses get there, or websites, or people interested in or who already do car sharing, I mean to share the use of a car for a specific journey, in particular for commuting to work, often by people who each have a car but travel together to save costs, from Katowice to Kraków Business Park.

Also what is the best language school in Katowice to finally learn an hard language such as Polish? Thank you! :)
smurf 39 | 1,981
6 Aug 2013 #11
This is prob your best bet to get to Krakow...they will take you to the bus station in Krakow, it's not far from the Business Park....I it the one close to AWF?

Open it in Google chrome and it should auto translate.

Re: lessons, they are very expensive there's one school in Kato, it's close to Jagiellonska St, it's on the square at the end of that street.....i.e as if you're actually walking towards the train station, away from the govt building and the uni.

I've got an email for someone who does lessons over skype, PM me if you're interested.

If I was you I'd move to Krakow./......the bus will take at least 1.5hours each way so that 3 hours per day, to drive from Kato to Krakow can vary a lot, where I live in Kato the fastest I've driven was 50mins, but then again when there was bad weather/accidents I've been in my car for 3hours one way sometimes. Usually, it takes me 2hours to Krakow and about 1.5 to come back, traffic in Krakow can be lethal during rush hours and all it takes is one accident, or one broke traffic to really mess things up and cause huge delays.

If you want the email address for that skype lessons, just PM me.
All the best
Martonka - | 4
7 Aug 2013 #12
Thank you so much for your reply!
Unluckly I can not or better I do not want to move to Kraków because my boyfriend is living and working in Katowice.
I thought could exist some faster way to get there than not going to Kraków and then come back to Zabierzów...
Cardno85 31 | 976
7 Aug 2013 #13
Having a look at the map, there is more than likely a small bus company that will run the route. However their websites are sometimes hard to find and not very up to date. It would be a good idea to talk to the company and ask if they know anyone who commutes by public transport from Katowice. Or you can try your first week commuting via the bus station in Kraków (it will be time consuming, but it will give you an opportunity to talk and learn about possible other routes), then attempt a few different ways. I would even say that you can get the bus to Kraków bus station (it's not so close, unfortunately), but then on the way back to Katowice, try another route. There is a main road running through Zabierzów that connects with the A4 to Katowice, there must be a bus that goes along there.

Good luck.
smurf 39 | 1,981
7 Aug 2013 #14
There is another smaller bus that runs very often to Krakow, they run from outside the old/back entrance of the train station, but to be honest I cannot recommend them, I've used them before and they really cram the people in.....they have only 17 seats I think, but when I was on it is was the middle of summer last year, no air conditioning and they was about 22 people on it, so the 17 + 5 standing which is quite dangerous.

The link I posted the last time, I know for sure that people do commute everyday on it...what they do is they book a ticket every morning for 8am (or whatever) and then they take their seats before those who have not booked........but as you probably know Poles love to queue and be early so you'll need to be there at least 20mins, maybe 30 if you have booked a seat.

I found something else too though in reference to carpooling in Poland:ów.html

So best of luck, I only travel to Krakow once, maybe twice a month for work so I'm not much help I'm afraid.
Monitor 14 | 1,820
7 Aug 2013 #15
1st investigate connections advertised in|3701&toV=c|55156&tabToken=73e09a8e6edb521e4ef9deb54d8c2a12&endCity=Krak%C3%B3w

I know that bus companies put advertisements sometimes only on bus stops. Sometimes they offer cheaper monthly ticket, but then you must use always the same company. Some way would be to live on the way between Katowice and Kraków or at least close to bus station in Katowice (there are few).

Maybe you can find somebody commuting to this place from Katowice here:

or by putting add in this center. Internet forum of Katowice would be a good place for asking too.

I've noticed that you're going to Zabierzów which is quite outside of Kraków, so results from are no use and this website shows only train connections Katowice - Zabierzow... Let's hope that this railroad renovation will finish fast.

wow, google found website for finding people who want to commute to work together:
smurf 39 | 1,981
7 Aug 2013 #16
wow, google found website for finding people who want to commute to work together:

Those ads looks like Hell, imagine having to start your work day so early and return every single day so late.
Begin travelling at 06.30 and return home more than some time after 18.00, plus the constant rush hour of traffic.

OP, you're going to have to get your boy to compromise and either move to Krakow or at least somewhere closer to Krakow, like Jaworzno (40-60 min drive), Chrzanow (30-40 min drive). I know Jaworzno quite well it's a nice small city, very clean and run very well. Chrzanow I don't know so well, I've only been there once but don't really remember anything that stuck out about it.

Travelling at this time of year is quite OK (so long as bus has a/c) but wait until winter and it's -25 outside every day for 7 days, wake up and it's dark, get home and it's dark. Don't want to rain on your parade, but all that travelling every day will eventually wear you down.

What's the deal with the job anyway, how come you can't find work in Kato?
Cardno85 31 | 976
7 Aug 2013 #17
wake up and it's dark, get home and it's dark

Come on, I live 10 minutes away from my work and in winter it's dark when I get up and dark when I finish.
Martonka - | 4
7 Aug 2013 #18
I lived almost 2 years in Poland because I finished my studies in Wrocław so I'm not scared about long, dark and ice-cold winter.

It's one of the reason why I love Poland! ;P

I should work 1 week from 7.30 to 16.00 and 1 week from 9.00 till 18.30. My boyfriend has really terrible working schedule some day he is starting at 6 some other at 8 or at 12 or at 14. That's why we will live in Katowice.

I am not scared to travel just I would like something more confortable, I mean without going to Krakow and then come back to Zabierzów or by train without change 2 or 3 times and using 2h30m or worse 4h40m. Come on I was on interview by car and it took me 45minutes by car. But I could not travel everyday by car because otherwise all my salary will go for petrol and for highway!

I am looking for a job in Poland from 26 September 2012 when I graduated and this is my first and real opportunity so I will take it and I will work hard to keep this job also if I will have to give up hours of sleeping!

In Katowice I tried in Capgemini but I past just the 2 step of recruitment process and EVERY architectural studio without receving any replies.
I think that an architect not polish speaker is not so necessary and with this big crisis in the construction-building field if you are not a talented architect - as definitly I am not - your chances to get a job are zero.

I will read carefully all material that you posted me! Thank you everybody! :)
smurf 39 | 1,981
7 Aug 2013 #19
Come on

Sorry that you work such hours :(

Come on I was on interview by car and it took me 45minutes by car

Yes, for me it's the same, my interview was in Krakow, drove it in a similar time, but when the traffic is busy....and with the works at the toll bridge in Balice now it's not possible to achieve such speed.

But best of luck with the job, hope it all works out for you.
Remember too that cars are pretty cheap here in Poland. Insurance is also very cheap too, you could prob afford a car & insurance after one or two wages. Get something diesel or LPG and you'll save more.

Anyway, best of luck with it :)
Cardno85 31 | 976
7 Aug 2013 #20
Sorry that you work such hours :(

I work pretty standard office hours. In the middle of winter, the sun comes up as I am getting into the office at quarter to 8 and it's down well before half past 4 when I leave.
Monitor 14 | 1,820
8 Aug 2013 #21
if you are not a talented architect - as definitly I am not

You cannot just say it everywhere :D
kpc21 1 | 763
9 Aug 2013 #22
I am not scared to travel just I would like something more confortable, I mean without going to Krakow and then come back to Zabierzów or by train without change 2 or 3 times and using 2h30m or worse 4h40m.

Direct trains from Katowice to Kraków stops next to Business Park, but they take ab. 2 hours. I don't know if you checked it accurately, but you should look here: - or here full timetable ("tabela 140"): - but only in Polish (remember that it changes since 2nd September). As far as I can see, you have convenient trains for working from 7.30 to 16.00, but not from 9.00 to 18.30 (anyway it would be terrible to wake up at 4.00 AM) . Trains are slower than buses on this route - bus to Kraków centre takes, as the people before me mentioned, about 80 minutes - using the A4 highway. From Kraków centre to Business Park you have about 15-20 minutes by train. This is your choose, if you want to get there faster, but through Kraków centre, changing vehicle there, or slower, but directly.

I agree that best would be to live in the middle between Kraków and Katowice. To go from Katowice to Kraków by car... for my calculations, it would be about 1500 PLN a month.

Ticket from Katowice to Kraków for a bus is 14 PLN, so for month it would be 560 PLN. From Kraków centre to Business Park 4 PLN, or you can buy one cheaper ticket for a month for 100 PLN. Together - 660 PLN.

By direct train from Katowice to Business Park - 15,60 PLN for one ticket, 290 PLN for one ticket for a month. So much cheaper.

What is more - it is also possible to buy cheaper train ticket for a week - but less cheaper than buying one for a month. From Katowice to Kraków Business Park - 110 PLN for a week.
delphiandomine 88 | 18,331
9 Aug 2013 #23
I think that an architect not polish speaker is not so necessary

Are you an architect?
Martonka - | 4
9 Aug 2013 #24
Yes I am an architect or better I studied to be!

Thank you so much for kpc21!
Jimmu 2 | 157
23 Aug 2013 #25
Have you thought about finding a place near work during the week and going to Katowice for weekends?
I spent 40 years in Southern California, the birthplace of the horrible commute, and the schedule you're proposing seems bad even to me!
pashavolk 3 | 8
16 Oct 2016 #26
Merged: Commuting from Katowice to Krakow Business Park

Hello guys,

I'm looking for people who will like to share a car to commute daily from Katowice to Krakow Business Park. If anyone is interested please write to me.

What do you think is the best way to commute from Katowice to Krakow Business Park?

matis25 - | 1
1 Aug 2017 #27
probably I will relocate to Krakow to work to Krakow business park for a technological brand, my first question:
is there any Italian to talk to? because I need to ask for information, advises..etc.

Thanks in advance

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