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Best sports bar in Warsaw?

15 Feb 2014 #1
Could someone recommends a good sport bar to watch EPL games in warsaw ?
15 Feb 2014 #2
Try Legends on Emilii Plater.
Lonman 4 | 111
16 Feb 2014 #3
Legends is ok... food is crap though.

Try [tripadvisor/Restaurant_Review-g274856-d697179-Reviews-Warsaw_Tortilla_Factory-Warsaw_Mazovia_Province_Central_Poland.html]
sobieski 107 | 2,128
16 Feb 2014 #4
I sometimes wonder who writes all these reviews in IYP or even worse, in the Warsaw Insider....I tend to avoid the places they recommend.
11 May 2015 #5
Personally, I agree with Sobieski. However, for the uncreative mainstream types, those sources might be perfect.

I biked around half the city last week and couldn't find a comfortable place to watch a game. Some places had one TV but was not really set up for watching a game - and nobody was there to watch the games either, so it wouldn't be appropriate to get loud and into the game.

Anyway, I just walked past a pub today right in the center of the city today called British Bulldog Pub @ Aleje Jerozolimskie 42. Had at least a few TVs and bar seating. Probably expensive but I think its gonna be my go-to place. See you there!
romrom3030 - | 1
23 May 2017 #6

First time in Warsaw next week - Anywhere to watch NBA finals?

Hello everyone! I'm traveling to Warsaw for the first time next week. I'm a huge NBA fan and I just can't miss the NBA finals. Anyone knows a place/bar that will prodcast game 1 on the 1st of June? Thanks in advance!
cms 9 | 1,271
23 May 2017 #7
Champions Bar used to do that but I think the last 2 years they did not as the crowd they got was too thin - because it goes on a few nights then most US expats here don't have the ability to drink in the middle of the night that they did a few years back ! Last year I just streamed this in my hotel room. It will be starting 3am Polish time.

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