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Best places to visit in Sopot in December

Krakowkhan 2 | 4
26 Nov 2014 #1
Hi people,

Just wanted to know or any places to visit in and around sopot in the month of December.
Myself and a few friends (male/female) of different backgrounds will be there for around a week.
We will be staying with a friend who has just bought a house in sopot fairly close to the grand hotel which I believe is quite close to most of the action.

Just wanted to know if anyone could recommend some places we could visit while we're are there.
Dougpol1 32 | 3,296
26 Nov 2014 #2
There is no "action" at this time of year, Be prepared to be bored stiff.
I know I am.
Snowflake - | 71
27 Nov 2014 #3
Worth to see in Sopot:
Looker - | 1,050
27 Nov 2014 #4
I spend a week in Sopot this summer, krzywydomek is not so spectacular, especially when covered by trees. Whole Monte Cassino street (Monciak) is nice, but not very big, but the pear is long - not bad, although the admission is payable and a bit pricey.

Overall I prefer Gdansk Old Town much more. You can spend there whole day, and won't be bored too much.
One more thing worth to recommend in Tricity, especially for someone with kids, is Science Centre "Experyment" in Gdynia:
OP Krakowkhan 2 | 4
27 Nov 2014 #5
Hi guys, thank you for the recommendations, luckily the kids will not be with us :) were a bunch of 30/40 year olds.. Want to have a week or so there, quite days and maybe crazy nights :)

Hey we all like to be big kids sometimes don't we !
We will have access to a car while we are there so we will definitely be going into gdansk.
What is Gdynia like? Meaning compared to gdansk and sopot... Is it very similar?
JollyRomek 7 | 481
27 Nov 2014 #6
Article on the nightlife in Sopot: lodzpost/entertainment/sopot-nightlife/
OP Krakowkhan 2 | 4
27 Nov 2014 #7
Thanks snowflake/looker/jollyromek

That is some useful info...

Are any of you guys based anywhere near gdansk sopot area?
Looker - | 1,050
27 Nov 2014 #8
What is Gdynia like? Meaning compared to gdansk and sopot... Is it very similar?

Gdynia is more quiet, because is not so crowded and popular, but not so much places to enjoy I think. The harbor, Naval Museum, aquarium, small beach, Skwer Kościuszki street - the choice is yours ;)
Snowflake - | 71
27 Nov 2014 #9
I live in Gdynia, i'm more or less in your age :P
And Sopot is perfect , especial for crazy nights ;)
welshguyinpola 23 | 463
28 Nov 2014 #10
Sopot is nuts, mental, insane, bonkers, mental

NOt really,

Its crap. If you want to party, go to Ibiza or Aiya Napa, there they really know how to party.

It is freezing cold at the moment in Sopot so find a warmer climate. If u want a mad one, go to zrce beach croatia, one of the maddest places ive been to.

Poles are not very crazy, rather conservative actually
OP Krakowkhan 2 | 4
28 Nov 2014 #11
Hi Welshguy,

Thanks for the advice, but we are actually invited to sopot by a friend and we will not be there to get hammered each night ;) ( well try not to )

We are trying to be a bit more civilised and try and behave grown up ( a little )

I am not actually new to Poland, just never been to sopot. My name may give away where I am usually based ;)

The group is crazy enough I think so no matter where we end up its always good time, like the old saying it's not where you are but with who you are 😊

But thanks for the info

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