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Best places to view Warsaw from above?

sobieski 107 | 2,128
3 Mar 2014 #1
I was thinking today...which "viewing platforms" you would take foreign guests to watch Warsaw from a bird's eye?
I can think of four...
1. PKIN - bloody expensive and to my opinion not worth it
2. Panorama Bar, Marriott....Plus: you can see PKIN from a distance. Minus: Ghastly place, new-rich to the extreme. Who wants to pay 20+ PLN for a beer? To impress?

3. BUW (Warsaw University Library): From the spectacular roof garden (now closed, still winter), especially the observation platform, there are some nice views of the city

4. The belfry of St. Ann's Church on Krakowskie Przedmieście. That is my favourite. You have lovely views of the Old Town, only a few stairs to conquer :)

But are there other places?
Ziemowit 13 | 4,266
3 Mar 2014 #2
The best would be to take them to the balloon and fly over Warsaw. A flight for two would cost you 1999 zl; a flight for three would be 2199 zl.

The first manned balloon flight in Poland flight took place on 10 of May 1789 in Warsaw. The ballon, piloted by Jean Pierre Blanchard, started from the Foksal Gardens, rose up to a 2-km height and after 45 minutes landed in Białołęka (now the district of Warsaw). In 1790, Monsieur Blanchard took abord the first Pole, Jan Potocki, to fly the balloon.
OP sobieski 107 | 2,128
4 Mar 2014 #3
What a "helpful" suggestion. But it reminded me that in the tourist season a balloon attached to a cable offers a grand view of Warsaw.

It used to go up near the National Stadium, don't know the location for this year.
4 Mar 2014 #4
But are there other places?

The swimming pool on the 43rd floor of the interconti has a pretty good view.
OP sobieski 107 | 2,128
9 Mar 2014 #5
I found this one. Very helpful site.

You have to be mad to pay 150 PLN to swim on top of the Intercontinental. Give me the viewing terrace on top of Św Anny any time.

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