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Best Polish Travel Agents online?

el_easy 2 | 54
26 Oct 2012 #1
In USA I used to use:

Those websites above are the best and safe to buy in USA., ¿What about here guys.
By the way it doesn't matter if it's in Polish I'll use Google translate to buy. Thanks in advance.
AndrewPilski - | 8
23 Jan 2013 #2

it's not a agency but they have a personal quide who can visit with you a country.
OP el_easy 2 | 54
24 Jan 2013 #3
Thanks man! but I'd not put my credit card in that Website, for me it doesn't look real. LOL
Anyway, I don't why I haven't received more respond from Polish people here nobody traveling?...Guys I'm planning to travel to the Caribbean this Summer with families, I just looking a reliable Website to buy travel packages, so far I like Momondo com & travelplanet pl... Thanks
cristophercoll - | 9
24 Jan 2013 #4
I recomend you a Neckermann it's well know agency in the world. and they have good services.

also i think ITAKAandRAINBOWTOURS are a good travel agencies.

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