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Bars in or near Pomiechowek

RysiekK 6 | 38
31 Mar 2011 #1
I will be leaving for Poland this Sunday. Any good bars in or near Pomiechowek? I will be traveling around PL but will be staying with a relative in Pomiechowek... I want to get a laugh from him and tell him the names of some good nearby bars :)

pawian 224 | 24,500
31 Mar 2011 #2
There was one, located in the nearby forest, but now it is closed.

OP RysiekK 6 | 38
31 Mar 2011 #3
I was looking for something a little less expensive... but thanks for the info!
pawian 224 | 24,500
2 Apr 2011 #4
Here is a nice place, called Bar Caro. Posh, but still inexpensive.
The problem is it is in Krakow. But if you decide to come, you can find classy B&B here:
JonnyM 11 | 2,609
2 Apr 2011 #5
There are a couple of fairly rough bars just down the road in Nowy Dwor - one near the station that does cheap pizza too, but I don't remember the name.

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