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Airline tickets from LOT... changing flights.

Qacer 38 | 125
30 Jan 2011 #1
I called up LOT today to ask some questions about airline tickets, and they told me all the information is on the website. The customer service representative probably just wanted to end the conversation quickly so she could have some kielbasa. Anyway, I could not find all the information on their website. Here are my questions:

1. If I get a refundable (or economy flex) ticket, how many times am I allowed to change my flight?

2. If on a refundable ticket, do I need to pay the difference between what I paid and the ticket price of the new date? If so, what if the new ticket price comes out cheaper than what I paid? Will I get a refund?

3. What's the latest notice I can give them to change my flight to a new date? Can I change my flight as late as 1 day before my current departure date?

4. If you change your flight, do you still have to pay additional taxes on the new ticket?

5. If I buy a non-refundable ticket (or economy saver), is there a cut off time period where I cannot change my flight anymore? I know that you can change your flight after you pay 100 EUR, but I wasn't sure if you can still change your flight 1 day before your current departure date.

.... and the reason I am asking is this. My mother-in-law will be coming to visit with us. However, we may want her to stay with us a little bit longer (a few extra months) just to help us when my wife starts her new job and school. I know that a B-2 tourist visa is allowed up to 6 months of stay, but the actual length of stay is determined by the customs officer. If we can get her to stay for up to 1 year, then she'd be able to help us with the household (i.e., cook and clean) while we adjust to a new schedule.

just helping
31 Jan 2011 #2
1. You can change your flight as many times as you want (up to a 6 month period after you booked your first ticket I think)

2. You will pay the difference of the ticket price (if there is any) plus 50 Euro penalty plus a service fee of about 20 Euro

Example: If you bought a ticket for 200 Euro and you change it to a ticket that costs 300 Euro, you will need to pay the difference plus the penalty plus the service fee

so 100 (ticket difference) + 50 (penalty) + 20 (service fee) = 170 Euros extra

I don't think you will get a refund if you find a cheaper ticket.

3. You can change the ticket up to 24 hours before the flight

4. No additional taxes have to be paid, just the difference between the tickets, penalty and service fee.

5. The cut off period it 24 hours before the flight

This is from the LOT website:

ECONOMY SAVER: No refund. Date/flight change allowed for 50 EUR.

ECONOMY SEMI-FLEX: Wholly unused ticket might be refunded with 50% penalty. Date/flight change allowed for 25 EUR.

ECONOMY FLEX: Refundable. Flight/date changes free of charge.

BUSINESS: Refundable. Flight/date changes free of charge.
OP Qacer 38 | 125
3 Feb 2011 #3
Thank you! :-)

What country are you searching from? In the US, the Economy Saver rate is 100 EUR and Economy Flex is 50 EUR.
10 Sep 2011 #4
Today I changed my flght date in Economy Flex. i should pay 100 Euro, they charge me 250$
I will never purchase or use services from these scammers again. I just want to warn everyone about the horrible services they provide.
11 Sep 2011 #5
I just want to warn everyone about the horrible services they provide.

Pal Lot in my opinion is the best airline to travel to poland from usa atleast,whenever a flight to usa is cancelled if you dont reside in warsaw they provide you a hotel transportation and food(hotel is usually gromada or sheraton) whereas other airlines just legally can and will tell you to come at a later date this has happened with me with lufthansa(let us f**k the hostesses and never see again) but lot always provided me accomodation and usually they charged me 150$ to change tickets which again depends what kind of tickets you buy as I always buy cheapest one.
delphiandomine 87 | 18,070
11 Sep 2011 #6
whereas other airlines just legally can and will tell you to come at a later date this has happened with me with lufthansa

They legally can't, but don't let that stop you, huh?
11 Sep 2011 #7
read the fine print if you can get an actual ticket and the warsaw pact they are not responsible...lets face it how many tourists are stranded on airports when a storm or any other natural disaster strikes and the flights are cancelled they are all staying sleeping on airports without even a bed.GET SMART SUNSHINE:)
delphiandomine 87 | 18,070
11 Sep 2011 #8
You need to familiarise yourself with EU261/2004 before making such comments.
11 Sep 2011 #9
dont need to cuz fake advisors like you will just not admit and put them poor eastern immigrants at risk.BTW hows your cheap high life going in Poland????

You need to familiarise yourself with EU261/2004 before making such comments

sorry couldnt resist you quote did you seriously read that? and if you did then i have a serious question for you...are you really and idiot or you just act like one?

Read that again and then post i mentioned natural causes,and not when an airline makes a mistake and over books or jus cant provide the class they booked for:)

cut the insults
PWEI 3 | 612
11 Sep 2011 #10
Even when the delay or cancellation is due to natural causes, airlines in the EU are legally required to pay for hotel accommodation and meals. But do feel free to demonstrate your stupidity by claiming otherwise.
Wroclaw 44 | 5,366
11 Sep 2011 #11
airlines in the EU are legally required to pay for hotel accommodation and meals

isn't this related to the time/length of the delay.
delphiandomine 87 | 18,070
11 Sep 2011 #12
It depends, but an outright cancellation pretty much triggers automatic hotel/compensation. The problem is that they frequently deny this at the time - but the courts all over Europe have been enforcing it.

What's insane about the system is that buses, ferries and trains aren't covered by the same kind of rules.
17 Jun 2013 #13
Hi! I'm in the US and I want to change the date of my flight with LOT airlines. On my ticket is written that I've got to pay 160 euro to change my date. What phone should I call to to change it? Thanks in advance.
13 Jul 2013 #14
can you send me the link to where you found this information?
5 Sep 2013 #15
[Moved from]: Where to change reserved flight date in LOT web page?

thank you
9 Sep 2013 #16
Simplest way is to call them. I doubt you can change departure date just like that ; )
jon357 74 | 22,675
9 Sep 2013 #17
That's true. You always need to call them to cash in a ticket and have a new one issued, assuming it's possible for the ticket type.

When you buy the ticket, you choose either a more expensive flexi one or a cheaper one that you can't easily change.
30 Jul 2014 #18
I have LOT return ticket that is "non-refundable" from Toronto to Warsaw in November. LOT here in Canada told me "no changes allowed" except to cancel the ticket with no refund! But I want to change it to an earlier flight. I understood that if I pay 100 euros penalty I can change it under the international rules. LOT says that is not true. Does anyone know where I can find written rules to force LOT to allow the change for 100 euros plus the difference in the fare naturally?
22 Sep 2016 #19
We have a ticket with the first name as 'Chris' but on his passport it is 'Christopher'through Opodo travel site. We contacted Opodo who said we couldn't pay for any changes that we would have to cancel the ticket and re book. We are 10 people travelling together so this won't work....has anyone any experience? Do you think the airline at Heathrow will let us go???

mafketis 37 | 10,921
22 Sep 2016 #20
Do you think the airline at Heathrow will let us go???

Normal people should not be confused or upset about the difference between Chris (an abbreviation of Christopher) and Christopher. I cannot speak for the border guards at Heathrow, though. I would imagine they would care most about his passport and/or visa and if those are in order he shouldn't have a problem, but.... again, I don't know for sure.
terri 1 | 1,663
23 Sep 2016 #21
Highly probable that the border guards will stop you at Heathrow. Go on their website to find out.
24 Sep 2016 #22
Highly probable that the border guards will stop you at Heathrow

I would say so.
Tickets are meant to be booked in the name as shown on the passport. The rules are clear about that.
MarikaSadkowska - | 13
11 Oct 2016 #23
Hello, I was wondering if someone knew any tricks or cheap airline websites. My grandmother from Lodz wants to come visit my mother, brother, and me in the US. She is getting older and will not be able to travel soon. Also my brother has a brain tumor and his health is in question. I have been searching high and low, all over the internet. I found relatively cheap tickets to New York, but then the ticket to from NY to New Orleans is more than the ticket from Poland to NY. Any suggestions? Also, grandmother cannot be stuck in airports overnight or endure long layovers.
jon357 74 | 22,675
11 Oct 2016 #24
Maria, have a look at and especially have a look at flights via Madrid. Also have a look at the Emirates website - there are sometimes bargains.

Since your grandmother is elderly, always let the airline know, they will often take great care of elderly passengers and sometimes give upgrades. LOT Polish airlines are good at taking care of older people visiting Poland.

Plus, if there's a long layover, think about paying for a lounge. They're usually about $50 and are really worth it on a long journey.

I wish you good luck finding a flight.

Just a quickly Maria, if you use momondo, play about with the possibilities, routes etc. Also don't just look at return flights, look at two separate one way flights. I have to fly a lot and have had some good bargains here.

Also have a look at this. I've never used it myself so can't either recommend it or not recommend it however I've heard it's good and people I trust have used it. These are people who work for airlines, travel agents etc who help people find the very best and cheapest routes for a small fee:
MarikaSadkowska - | 13
12 Oct 2016 #25
Thank you soooo much for your reply. I almost got duped with lufthansa airline. I noticed a great deal...well compared to all the other deals online. So i called to ask about my grandmother needing senior citizen assistance and only then did i find out that the price was only one way,(even though i specified round trip in the search). If one wants to fly to New York the prices are low, but that ONE little extra flight to New Orleans and the price MORE than doubles! I find that ridiculous! Also, forget "senior citizen discounts". I actually found the price goes up when I check the senior citizen box. Ugh! I'm so out of practice finding great airfare deals. And these websites keep transferring me to the same site, over and over! Searching for cheap plane tickets will most certainly put a damper on anyone's day. I did check out the Polish Lot Airlines but they do not travel to New Orleans. If I lived in New York this would be a much easier task.
17 Jan 2017 #26


I can`t find information about Lot`s refunds policy of the tax YQ or YR in case of refundable and non-refundable tickets.
Thank you!
MarikaSadkowska - | 13
10 Mar 2017 #27
Hello, It is Marika Sadkowska again. This time I have a question about changing flights. My grandmother came to visit from Lodz Poland. She is 80 years old and has difficulties traveling due to her age. Well, while she was here, she had a medical emergency. We had to call ambulance due to a bowel obstruction. Her plane ticket date to leave back to Poland is in two weeks. It is not safe for her to travel at this point, and we are not sure how to change her plane ticket without it costing money we do not have. After the medical costs we cannot afford to spend money to change plane ticket. Now I just need to ask if anyone has any experience with a similar experience and what can be done to change the fight for an extra month or two because my grandmother is not in great shape. She was told she might need surgery. I asked Grandmother which airline she flew here to New Orleans from Lodz and she is telling me Delta. If anyone needs any extra information to help our situation please ask and I will give whatever specifics necessary. Thank you and please either answer on this forum or message me. Again, my name is Marika Sadkowska. My grandmother's name is Asia Stanislawa Bilska. There is also the fact that my younger brother has a terminal brain tumor oligodendroglioma, and my grandmother wants to see my brother before she leaves, since it is a terminal brain tumor and this will be the last time my grandmother and brother will have to opportunity to see each other. He lives in St. Louis and has not been healthy enough to travel yet to visit. We have the medical paperwork to prove anything that needs to be proven. Please contact me with any possible advice. thank you.
delphiandomine 87 | 18,070
10 Mar 2017 #28
Please contact me with any possible advice. thank you.

Marika, does she have travel insurance? If not, you can try contacting the airline to see if they will change the date of the flight, but it's by no means certain. If they don't agree, contact your member of Congress and ask them to intervene, and contact local newspapers/TV/etc too.
Crow 160 | 9,190
23 Jul 2017 #29
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