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Wroclaw Economic University, Lodz University or Katowice Economic university?

Teymurzade 2 | 10
14 Jun 2017 #1
hi. i am planning to study at one of these universities. i have Finance bachelor degree in Azerbaijan. i can study "Business Adminstration MA" in Lodz University, "Finance" in Katowice Economic and Finance at University and Wroclaw Economic University. Please give information about which of them is better and relatively prestigious.

thank you in advance
DominicB - | 2,707
14 Jun 2017 #2

English-language courses at any of them aren't going to help you find a good job anywhere. They would be a complete waste of time and money. I think I recommended studying financial engineering to you before. And do it either at the University of Warsaw or SGH. That is probably the only way you are going to break into this rather exclusive field.
OP Teymurzade 2 | 10
15 Jun 2017 #3
i understand. but because of some financial reasons i can not afford expenses and tuition fees of the universities you mentioned. i am planning to study these prestigious universities in the following years. but if i do not study master degree this year i will have to go the army and it will be worse for me because of wasting time and losing my enthusiasm to continue my study.
i think wroclaw economic university would be better for me for the time being. what would you say about this? Thank you.
DominicB - | 2,707
15 Jun 2017 #4

I suspected that there was more to your motives than serious study.

First of all, as an investment, studying in the programs you listed in Poland will return nothing in terms of future employment or academic opportunities. So if you are satisfied with paying that money for the sole purpose of avoiding the army, and nothing else, then go for it. Those universities might be good universities for students studying in Polish, but not for those studying in English. Courses taught at Polish universities in the English language are a joke, and every employer worth working for in the business and finance world knows that.

If you need to find work in Poland to finance your plan, then forget about it. You are not going to find work, and when you run out of money, you will have no choice but to return to your home country and go to the army. Might as well go to the army now and keep the money in your bank account for more realistic studies at a future date.

I suspect that you do not have adequate funds saved up to finance your studies and your stay in Poland, and that you are counting on finding employment there, or of absconding to work illegally in a richer country in the EU with no intention of ever returning to your home country.

I think that, if you were to apply for a visa, the consul would have little difficulty coming to the same conclusion, and would deny your application.

That will come back to haunt you in the future, as you will probably never be able to get visa to any EU country for the rest of your life. The Polish consul is required to enter his refusal into a data bank that is available to all other EU countries, and once you are on that list, all subsequent applications from all other EU countries will be summarily denied.

Actually, going to the army now and getting it over with seems like the best course of action available to you in the long term. I think your plan of "studying" in Poland will turn out to be a huge waste of time and money, and you will end up in the army back in your own country anyway, just poorer. That is, if you manage to get a visa at all, which I doubt.
OP Teymurzade 2 | 10
15 Jun 2017 #5
Yes i would like to find employment and stay in Poland or another richer country in EU but not intending doing anything illegal. i do not know how did you come to the conclusion like that. i am doing every action under the legislation of my country. i can go to the army before or after my master study. there is not any rule broken there.

i want to study in Poland because in our country the education is much more worthless than in Poland. And my current financial situation is only enough for studying in Poland.

You might compare Poland education to the education of the western european countries. But i compare it to the education in my country. After getting master degree in Poland, even if i will not be able to find an employment in Poland, at least i can get a better job in my country.

Thank you
OP Teymurzade 2 | 10
15 Jun 2017 #6
what about studying "Advanced Analytics – Big Data" in SGH? is it worth?
DominicB - | 2,707
15 Jun 2017 #7
Yes, that's a serious course, but the prerequisites might be beyond what you have behind your belt. Looking at the course description and syllabus, it looks like you will already have to have a pretty solid math background, including calculus, multivariate calculus, differential equations, linear algebra, formal logic and some pretty serious statistics and probability courses to handle the curriculum and be accepted into the program, and rather decent programming skills and research skills, as well. If you have a very strong math background, then this is a good course for you. If you don't have a strong math background, you will be totally lost on day one and never be able to catch up, and you will not be able to finish the course, or even the first semester.

Yes i would like to find employment and stay in Poland or another richer country in EU

Make your plans on the very safe assumption that you will never be able to earn even a single penny during your stay in Poland. It's very clear that you are making you plans on the assumption that you are going to be able to earn money during your stay in the EU. Disabuse yourself of that assumption, or you will fail miserably.
OP Teymurzade 2 | 10
15 Jun 2017 #8
i have math background but i do not know it would be enough or not. if i do not meet the criteria required for studying this course, can they confirm my application?

My funding is enough for basic living expenses in poland. but if there will be an opportunity to work, i would like to work. And i have some acquaintances in Poland working and studying. But i do not know how is possible to manage studies at the same time. so in any case, i think i will be able to meet my expenses.

As far as i know Poland legislation gives permission to foreign students to work. i do not know why are you trying to change peoples' mind wishing to study, specially work in Poland.
DominicB - | 2,707
15 Jun 2017 #9
if i do not meet the criteria required for studying this course, can they confirm my application?

No.You will not be accepted into the course if you do not fulfill the prerequisite requirements. This is a serious course, and competition for places will be stiff.

As far as i know Poland legislation gives permission to foreign students to work.

Having permission to work and actually finding a job are two different things. I highly doubt that anyone would hire you in Poland. And I suspect once you figure that out, you will leave Poland to work illegally in a richer country in the EU.

When you meet the Polish consul. he will have already made a decision: that you are an economic refugee that has no intention to ever leave the EU and return to your own country. Why else would a poor student from a developing country who knows absolutely nothing about Poland apply for studies here? The burden will be 100% on you to convince him that he is wrong. Based on your posts on this forum, that is going to be near impossible. You've already admitted that your primary reason for studying in Poland is not to study, but to avoid military service in your own country. And that is a very good reason for you never to return to your own country.

I'm trying to help you and save you money and time rather than waste it on a ill-conceived attempt at entering the EU and staying illegally. What would be the consequences if you got deported back to your country? Can you be sent to jail for illegally evading military service?

I don't think you have thought this out at all.

Again. my advice is to fulfill your military obligations and think about studying afterward.
OP Teymurzade 2 | 10
15 Jun 2017 #10
As i mentioned before i will be able to meet my basic expenses from my family. why i leave Poland illegally by not finishing university. and i repeat that our government gives respite from military service to continue your education by studying master degree, phd etc. If my purpose to evade from military service i would go master in my country like so many people doing it. And even if my intention would be to escape from the army, there is not any illegal action again. because as long as continuing your study, nobody can make you to go to the army and sent you to the jail.

I would like to stay in EU but not doing anything illegally. i want to continue my education in the future may be studying phd in Poland or other EU country and working at the same time.

Of course i will try to appriciate opportunities (if there will be) but not breaking any rule. i am not a criminal, i only try to find ways to access the better environment, career and life.

And i have bank account required from foreigners staying in Poland.why they define me as economical refugee

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