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West Pomeranian University of Technology, Szczecin - Good or Bad?!

15 May 2018  #1
Dear friends,

I am a Bachelor (Computing and Business) student from Malta who was accepted to enroll on an Erasmus+ program and enter this Uni for one semester. I don't have much knowledge about it (or about Poland), but I would really appreciate if someone could guide me through on several points and questions I have, mainly:

a) Does the Uni teach in English? (I have checked some of the courses out on the study area online platforms and all i have found are notes in Polish, and I don't know any of it! Should I learn Polish beforehand??

b) Is it a good Uni to spend time at and study?

PLEASE, I would REALLY appreciate it if someone could help me, someone who perhaps studied or is studying at that University.

mafketis 16 | 6,334    
16 May 2018  #2

I don't know that institution but Polish universities usually don't teach in English. For Erasmus type people either they have a few special courses taught in English especially for them (and maybe local students if they're interested) or they set them up with faculty to do individual work.

Academic Polish is too hard to learn in the few months before you'll be here but you should learn some survival Polish before arriving (note: Polish and Maltese share the letter ż but it's pronounced like the French j in Polish). Typically Erasmus type students socialize more with each other than with locals.

Which semester? The Polish academic year is very weird, the fist semester is from the beginning of October to the end of January (meaning you stay over for the holidays or go home and come back again for a few weeks...) and the second runs from late February to late June (no summer semester).

Il-vjaġġ it-tajjeb!
Maltieca - | 2    
16 May 2018  #3

Thank you for your reply, Mafketis!!! I understand your point very well as I am a Bulgarian by nationality and in Bulgaria the language of instruction is dominantly Bulgarian too, we hardly teach in English in our academic institutions.

However, I have looked up the Erasmus+list of courses for exchange students in academic year 2018/2019 and literally all courses there are said to be taught in English. I am getting very confused with this as it could be a deal breaker for me, ultimately i can learn so much Polish until that time, I cannot suddenly become well-versed and proficient in it, which would then mean that I will struggle big time with the academic material for an entire semester.

If anyone else has some information on this please do let me know on here!!! It is always appreciated guys :)

Take care and thanks again Mafketis!
Atch 17 | 2,588    
  16 May 2018  #4
Hi Maltieca. Here is a link to all the courses at Sczecin from the computer science faculty which are taught through English :)

I noticed that the textbooks were in English, so I don't think you need to worry. Course notes won't be in Polish!
Maltieca - | 2    
16 May 2018  #5
Thank you!!! I appreciate your help :)

UPDATE: I have contacted the faculty coordinator directly and he informed me that ALL COURSES which are provided to the exchange students are indeed, IN ENGLISH.

You were correct :)

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