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Looking to study at Warsaw university of technology - should i apply as a Polish or American citizen?

20 Dec 2011 #1
So i live in the USA, and i am have dual citzenship , polish and american. i have been in the states since i was 3 , finished high school here with B&C Grades. also finished a technical school.

i am interested in studying Information and tellecommunications in english @ WUT.

should i apply as a polish citzen? is it harder to get in that way, i know tuition is discounted for polish citzens

or should i just apply as a american citizen, pay 5000 euros a year ( which is really cheap compared to usa colleges)
and i heard it is easier to get accepted as a paying non EU citizen?
20 Dec 2011 #2
I applied as a Polish citizen, submitted my High School Diploma and I'm not paying any tuition :). I'm pretty sure that some English-taught courses are not tuition-free even for Polish citizens, so check with your faculty.
Varsovian 92 | 634
20 Dec 2011 #3
I would like to warn you that the dropout rate is really high - the students in some faculties find it especially tough. Add to that the fact that you have not been through the Polish school system, so you're Polish probably isn't what it should be. Have you thought of studying in Holland? Just an idea. They have good places, fairly cheap and you could study in English.
delphiandomine 88 | 18,454
20 Dec 2011 #4
Add to that the fact that you have not been through the Polish school system, so you're Polish probably isn't what it should be

Varsovian 92 | 634
21 Dec 2011 #5
Sorry - "your"

I shouldn't write so fast ...
OP gtipl85
22 Dec 2011 #6
i am applying for the BSC in electronic and telecommunications taught in the English langauge, so me not going to school in poland shouldnt have anything to do with that.

i actually went to Polish school here in the states , and my reading writing and speech is pretty fluent , but i feel more comfartable to take the studies in english, i have travelled to poland every 2 years to visit family.
kwitczak198 1 | 1
1 Feb 2012 #7
I am looking to get into this school too and I also have dual citizenship. The best way is to apply as polish citizen (a lot cheaper) . Let me know if you want to chat maybe we could exchange some informations. I’ve been looking for people that are looking to do the same thing. When are you looking to start ?
13 Jun 2012 #8
Merged: Dropouts rate in Warsaw University of Technology?

I'm going to start Computer Science in WUT in English (B.S) in October and I'm so looking forward to it.

But the thing is these days I keep hearing about "the high rate of DROPOUTS" in this UV, and I'm beginning to freak out a little bit.

Could anyone kindly explain to me what the causes of that are and how it can be prevented? I mean are the courses too difficult to pass or can an above-average, motivated student earn his degree successfully?

Any answer would be highly appreciated.
delphiandomine 88 | 18,454
14 Jun 2012 #9
You should be more concerned about the probable worthlessness of an English-language degree from that university.
14 Jun 2012 #10
I'm sorry, I didn't quite get the relevance.
11 Sep 2012 #11
Yes, kindly explain it pls.
Ibrahim90 - | 3
16 Jun 2013 #12
Merged: Can I choose Warsaw university technology

Hi everyone i currently study at Nottingham university in Malaysia but i'm interested in aerospace engineering which is not offered here.i wonder if WUT is a good univ. for aerospace engineering (bachelor) or i have to go for Inholland university un Holland or National aerospace university in Ukraine.Thks
jon357 71 | 20,328
16 Jun 2013 #13
Nottingham university in Malaysia

I always remember it as being in Nottingham. Who knew?

WUT is first class, and the aeronautical school (which may well be part of WUT) is long established.
jkb - | 198
17 Jun 2013 #14
i wonder if WUT is a good univ.

One of the best in PL
Ibrahim90 - | 3
17 Jun 2013 #15
thanks jon; yeah WUT is a world class university but if i wonder if it's better than Inholland University or National aerospace university (Khai) in aerospace(Bachelor in English program).I heard also that the programs offered in english at WUT is worthless compare to other european universities,is that true?
jon357 71 | 20,328
17 Jun 2013 #16
Qualifications offered here in English are far less well regarded than those offered in Polish. They exist as money-spinners for the institutions involved in order to subsidise their main work. Your best bet would be to see where each institution/department appears in the published rankings.
Ibrahim90 - | 3
17 Jun 2013 #17
Yes i see,thks jon i really appreciate it.
14 Apr 2015 #18
Hi everyone, I've completed my bachelor's in aeronautical engineering from China. I am looking to pursue masters degree in aerospace engineering.

Also, i've found course syllabus for masters of aerospace engineering at WUT comprehensive and of my liking. I understand WUT is one of the top university in Poland & I would really like to study at WUT , but I have my qualms.

can anyone give me some information about quality of the program offered, I mean, how well is a masters degree regarded in other countries such as USA, Canada, or other European countries from WUT. AND prospect for Phd study and job in Poland or other European nations after masters at WUT ?

I would be really grateful if anyone could provide some answers to my questions.

thank you.
DominicB - | 2,709
14 Apr 2015 #19
The problems you are going to meet are:

1) Practical courses at Polish universities are abysmally underfunded and out-dated, with obsolete equipment that belongs in a museum.

2) There is precious little R&D done in the field in Poland, and therefore limited opportunities for cutting edge research projects or internships. There are cities in the US with higher R&D budgets for aerospace than all of Poland.

3) Polish universities do not network well with local business and industry, which is limited in the aerospace field anyway, so job prospects and the ability to make contacts that will be useful in your future career are limited. To put it in perspective, the aerospace industry in the rather small US state of Connecticut is much larger than in all of Poland even though it has a tenth of the population.

It is highly unlikely that you would want to work in Poland after you graduate, or pursue a doctorate there. So scratch that plan. You're already thinking about moving West, so Poland is not in your long-term plans.

If you want to work in richer countries like the Western European or English speaking countries, either study in those countries, or at the best school you can in China. In your field, Poland doesn't offer more in any respect than China does, and probably a lot less.

In short, go where the R&D dollars are, or make the best of what you have at home.
julciajestfsst - | 3
2 Oct 2018 #20

American trying to go to university in Poland

Im thinking about applying to the University of Warsawa in Poland. Can someone give me tips about the living costs, finding a job and the application process. Dziekuje

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