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Warsaw School of Economics (SGH)-how is it there

nina_zsem 1 | 1
7 Jun 2010 #1
I have enrolled in SGH for one semester of the Master course so I would be thrilled about some informations, opinions, advices and experiences. This will be my firs encounter with Poland and Polish culture and education so any reply's are more than welcome!

Lukasz K - | 103
7 Jun 2010 #2
Many of my friends finished that school and I may say that they've received good education. Of course they did it "normal" way. During one semester you won't probably learn much but for sure you will have fun...

Of course it is better to do a survey before which subjects to choose because for sure there are more and less interesting and worthy ones. I don't know what are the rules for you when it comes to choosing subjects...

As for polish university they have quite a lot of lectures in English so you would have an opportunity to find something for you.


Adrian_pl - | 4
26 May 2011 #4
Merged: SGH - Warsaw School of Economics a good school? Looking to take the English MA in IB

Hey guys (and girls),

I'm currently in the process of trying to decide on what to do; stay in Canada or move to Poland for two years to take the English Masters in International Business at SGH in Warsaw.

Just a quick background, I was born in Poland but have been living in Canada for about 23 years (I'm 25 now). And every time I go back to Poland (which is usually ever summer or second), I always say to myself that I would love to live in Poland again sometime. I just feel "at home"... if you know what I mean.

So, a few questions:
Is SGH a good school to take a Masters program? I know every case/person is different but is it hard/easy for a graduate to find a good paying job (if you know anyone that has went there)?

I keep seeing people post salaries in the 3000-4000zl range here which is quite low compared to the salaries here. But I know some things a lot more expensive here than there and our economy is a lot different as well. For an entry job here (with a University degree), monthly pay would be 7,000zl and up. I have a BA Honors in Economics from a Canadian University and I speak English really well. My Polish is OK as I can get by.

Another question about the degree(s) from SGH, is it recognized in other EU countries? I'm having trouble finding out whether the English MA I want to take would be recognized here as I would return after the two years.

I'm not going to lie though, I also want to go to Poland for the "experience" of living abroad. I love the night life and atmosphere of the beautiful cities.

Any suggestions or advice would be great! :)
hythorn 3 | 580
27 Sep 2011 #5
just seen the post.
It might be a bit late as I suspect that you have probably made your mind up by now

SGH is a good school. Their MBA program is one of the best in Poland and living in Warsaw enables you
to get a well paid job teaching English at hours to suit as opposed to flipping burgers or doing a crap part time

The qualification is recognised throughout Europe

contrast this with many Polish medical schools offering degrees being taught in English where the standards have dropped so much that their medical
degrees are not being accepted any more in many countries
brian_right 1 | 3
8 Apr 2013 #6
Merged: SGH Warsaw School of Economics - any experience?

Is anybody there graduated or still study in SGH Warsaw school of Economics ? I have a plan to go there...Please let me know about the situation there...
13 Apr 2013 #7
Hi, my boyfriend was studing there. He is not from Poland but I have never heard him compaining about this university... maybe except the other students, so go ahead :)
wawa_marek 1 | 129
13 Apr 2013 #8
I was studying at SGH some years ago. It's state owned University and in my opinion one of the best in the country. It has a good reputation in domestic market.
15 Feb 2015 #9
hi guys i like to knw abt warsaw school of economics i like to pursue masters in international buisnesss so pls suggest me
Monitor 14 | 1,820
15 Feb 2015 #10
It's best school in Poland for studying business, but don't count on getting a job in Poland after that without speaking Polish fluently.

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