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University of Warsaw- registering for courses?

joanna77 2 | 3
9 Feb 2010 #1
Hello, I'm going to the Uni of Warsaw in a few weeks. The registration system for classes is different than what I'm used to. Has anyone here had experience in registering for courses there?
Lukasz K - | 103
10 Feb 2010 #2
You'll probably have to deel with USOS (internet registration system) which can be harsh, becouse the closing date for registrations for summer semester is probably these week, and to log in to usos you will need to have your student card...

So I have no idea how it is done...
Always the tutor can sign you in "manually" during first two weeks of courses so the best idea is to show up at the first lecture and ask the responsible person to sign you in.

What faculty will you attend?



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