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Universities in Wroclaw - Msc Degree for international students

29 Jun 2019 #1
Hello guys,
I'm working near Wroclaw, and currently much interested in entering into any university for Msc degree. As I have very limited options for study programs which I can choose (Interesting & Part-time & in English), I'm considering only the below universities. Could anyone recommend which one is friendly for international students?

1. WSB - International Business (4 semesters)
2. Wroclaw university of economics - Business Management (4 semesters)
3. Mwslit - Logistics (3 semesters)

And I'm also wondering how much old students are normally studying in Polish Msc Degree programs - I think I would be much older than others for Msc Degree :), so considering Executive MBA as well.

I would appreciate if I could receive any advices.
30 Jun 2019 #2
Why do you consider only these universities? I'd first check their affiliations with the public universities; it's quite often that the private universities "cooperate" with adjuncts / professors from the public universities which may teach there part time. After you have the affiliations knowledge, it may be best to go to the source, ie. to check the reputation of the public schools which would indicate how good the private one may be.

In Poland, most students (who can afford it) finish the Msc programs early, ie. right after high-school. But it may obviously take more time since many students work. I'd say an average for a graduate school would be around 25 or so, but there could be people who have study scholarship / sponsorship from their employers and then the age could be much higher for them.
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5 Jul 2019 #3
Now that I've looked for any universities near my city, so I don't have any choices but choosing the one near my city - and the only one public university which is located here has very limited programs which I'm not interested in, that's why I'm considering those private univeristies.

Btw, the average for graduate in Msc programs... 25yo?? that's really early. Students studying Msc degree right after Bsc is actually not that common in my country as much expensive tution fees. For sure I would be the oldest if I study here, because I'm 31yo :) Thank you for your answering.

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