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Undergraduate study (Aerospace Engineering) @ Warsaw University of Technology.

5 Jan 2017 #1
Hi! I am a student from Non-EU country and want to apply for BSc. in Aerospace Engineering at Warsaw. I had few questions and would appreciate any information regarding the same:

1) Is it good option to do BSc. at WUT? Especially in Aerospace Engineering?
2) what's the scenario after graduation, job, etc?
3) Are there many international undergrads at WUT and how is the campus environment?
4) Last but not the least, there is an application fee for 200€, can it be waived or exempted?
rozumiemnic 8 | 3,838
5 Jan 2017 #2
If you cannot afford the application fee, it is probably not a good idea to go, is it?
It does seem steep though.
OP WUTprospect
5 Jan 2017 #3

Undergraduate study (Aerospace Engineering) @ Warsaw University of Technology.

Well it's not about to be able to afford the application fee, it's just that it's not a guaranteed admission, so I just wanted to analyze the risk! that's all :)
DominicB - | 2,709
6 Jan 2017 #4

If your goal is to find work in a rich country, then studying in Poland is not your best option. It is probably no better than studying at a good university in your own country. There are very few foreigners for whom studying in Poland makes sense, and there is nothing in your post that indicates that you are one of them.

There are no part-time jobs or any other form of financial aid available for foreign students in Poland. If you cannot afford to pay 100% of the cost of your studies and stay with your own money, then forget about studying in Poland. Make your plans on the very safe assumption that you will never earn a single penny during your stay in Poland.

As for jobs after you study, the chances are very low. You probably wouldn't want to, anyway, as wages are very low, and internships are often unpaid, even in technical fields. Poland does not have much of an aerospace industry, and precious little R&D. If you want to study aerospace engineering, then go to a country that spends a lot of money on aerospace R&D. R&D money is what makes a university a good place to study.

Yes, there are some other students from other countries at Polish universities. There isn't much of a "campus environment", at least nothing like there is in the United States, for example, which is where you should go if you are looking for a campus experience.

My advice is to either study at a good university in your own country, or in a richer country in Western Europe or Asia, or an English speaking country. Even though the upfront cost might be higher, the return on investment will probably be much higher in the end.
OP WUTprospect
15 Jan 2017 #5

Thanks for the info!

One of the reasons I am considering WUT over unis in USA is that the course just takes 7 semesters to complete and I had contacted the uni and inquired about transferring few credits that I have already earned so I can complete it in just 3 years.

Also, I actually don't just want to do Bachelor's but my goal is to do my Masters and then look for work. But I am not sure where to study the Masters. (confused about which country) but I have 3 years to figure that out.

But all said, I first wanna atleast have my Bachelor's in hand. and WUT looks right for me coz it's less expensive, and I hope Warsaw being a modernizing capital it might have a good nightlife!?

And I can understand that getting a part time job will be almost impossible as I dont speak polish, but I don't just want to rely on my parents for everyday costs and liesure.
DominicB - | 2,709
15 Jan 2017 #6

The problem with that plan is that a bachelors in engineering probably will not meet ABET standards, so that getting into a masters program in a richer country may not be possible. I appreciate that you are trying to save time and money, but studying in Poland may not save you either in the long run. The quality of technical education in Poland is poor, especially in terms of practical courses. Also, Polish universities are lousy when it comes to networking and landing paid internships.

All in all, studying at even the best technical university in Poland is probably no better than studying at a top engineering school in your own country, and far inferior to studying at a good school of engineering in a country like the US, the UK. Germany or Switzerland.

One of my students from Poland is studying engineering on a full-ride scholarship in the US. On top of the full scholarship and superior level of education, he has been able to get paid internships every summer, and has been able to build up a truly impressive network of quality contacts in his field. Both of those things are extremely difficult in Poland. If he wants to go to a conference, his professors find money for him to go. He has seen dozens of different cities in the US going to conferences (he's on his way to a conference at this very moment). Try to get a Polish professor who is going to find money to send an undergraduate to a international conference. Being an undergraduate in the US is heaven compared to being one in Poland, both in terms of education, quality of life and opportunities to earn and learn.

As far as return on investment goes, your best options are either to study at a top university in your own country, or to study at a good university in a richer country, especially one that is ABET accredited. I cannot envision studying in Poland to be a better option than either of those.

Yes, education in Poland is cheaper. But there is a reason for that, namely lower overall quality and saleabilty. I personally find the trade off not worth the short term savings, and the cost in time, effort and money in the future may be higher in the end.
OP WUTprospect
16 Jan 2017 #7
Thanks again! well then I will look more and I guess will have to dig more deep and do my research and see what suits me best :)

Thanks for the insight..
devups 1 | 1
14 Dec 2018 #8

Study in warsaw university of technology

I'm about to apply for Computer science program in Warsaw university of technology, I'm non-europen student, I succeeded High school with 74.2/100 and I have a B2 IELTS certificate

Do I have any chance to be accepted


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