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Tell me about Collegium Civitas (Warsaw)!

Grzegorz_ 51 | 6,161
15 Jun 2013 #31
and ending up with working still in markets or some BPO companies after their good education

That's partially due to the crisis but partially also due to the oversupply of university graduates, even in the most developed countries majority of jobs are still for factory workers, sales clerks, builders, drivers, plumbers, waitress etc. Now majority of people want to have "office jobs" spend years in post-secondary education and then often comes disappointment.

Regarding Collegium Civitas, It's not a bad school (although not one of top ones either) but they generally offer history, international relations and other "social" studies... A lot of my friends chose to study sociology, history, international relations and so on, after that they were struggling to find any jobs and most ended up with jobs having nothing to do with their education, so I think you should pay more attention to what kind of course choose than to school itself, unless your dad is a diplomat or something, I wouldn't advice to study international relations, It makes sense to study oil & gas mining, telecommunication or IT (although in this case I would imagine there are plenty of school in India) but sociology or history not so much, there's simply not enough demand on the market.

Your number of 300+ CV's should be considered in that most of them are probably totally unqualified to do the job to start with.

"Expat", I am well aware of that... you know what really matters ? That 2 years ago it was +100 and 4 years ago +50.
17 Mar 2014 #32
Halo everybody!
So... next year I'm moving to Collegium Civitas from my University exchange program. I will be glad if anyone will tell me how good is studying quality there and maybe any one of you studies European studies? I am from Georgia and if here are exchange members too, it will be very nice for me :)
8 Mar 2018 #33
Does anyone know anything about the Criminal Justice program at Collegium Civitas? Or any thoughts on their hosting of study abroad programs for US students? Thank you!
24 Apr 2018 #34
I know that they are offering double degree program wit Anglia Ruskin University, worth checking out.

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