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Studying In Wroclaw University of Technology As An International Student

Erdy 1 | 1
5 Apr 2017 #1
Hello everyone, I have some questions in my mind, I've been thinking about studying computer science abroad and Poland seems like a nice option, Wroclaw University of Technology seems like a good place as well. Is anybody studying or studied CS there? Would you recommend it? I've been told it's one of the best universities in Poland.

Also some people told me that there is so much racism and stuff, I'm a secular Turk with no religion. Most people I talked with said that there isn't much racism and they're exaggerating.

Thank you :)
DominicB - | 2,709
5 Apr 2017 #2

Poland is rarely a good investment for foreign student,

The university you are interested in would be a possible choice if you spoke Polish and were going to study engineering instead of computer science. But you don't speak Polish and you won't learn it soon enough so that you would be able to study in Polish.

Courses taught in English, however, are of much poorer quality and will do little to help you find a good job in Poland, Turkey or elsewhere. Studying at a good university in Turkey would be better.

Last of all, if you are expecting to find work in Poland during or after your studies, forget about it. There are no jobs for foreign students in Poland, and finding a job after graduation would be next to impossible because there are more than enough inexperienced computer science graduates to fill all available positions. Nor would a degree from a course taught in English in Poland help you to find a job in any EU country more than a degree from a good university in Poland, or any of the poorer countries in the south and east of the EU.

Either study at the best university you can attend in Turkey, or study at a very good university in a richer country. And get an engineering degree. It will help you a lot more than a generic computer science degree.
Atch 20 | 3,963
5 Apr 2017 #3
Dominic although I agree with your advice on the whole, I strongly disagree that the OP should choose engineering over computer science. Computer science is a field with plenty of well paid employment worldwide. If anything his best option would be to do a maths degree and study a good computer language such as C++ in his spare time. Many software engineering jobs specify either a maths or computer science degree and maths graduates are sometimes preferred. A strong maths background is essential for senior developer roles. If the OP has a passion for software development, I can't see the point of pushing him into general engineering.
DominicB - | 2,709
5 Apr 2017 #4

The differences between the computer science course and the IT engineering course are precisely the amount of advanced applied math one has to take, and the focus on practical applications and solutions versus theoretical knowledge. In any case, I would advise against studying computer or IT related fields unless at a school in a country with abundant R&D dollars, and recommend petroleum, geological or biomedical engineering instead.
OP Erdy 1 | 1
5 Apr 2017 #5
Well, I have a passion for development and do it amateurly so I wouldn't switch to an engineering course.
Studies are worse than Poland in Turkey, getting into a proper university costs like a university's price + damagin mental health studying in apartment buildings without weekends.
jm84 1 | 4
13 Jul 2018 #6
Hi Erdy, finally do you study in Poland or not? Overall how was your experience?

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