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Studying in Poznań for two years

arberia 1 | 3
1 Nov 2016 #1
Hello everybody!

I'm a student from Spain, studying the last credits of my degree in Translation and Interpreting and I want to study master degree next year in Poznań.

After looking for a master degree related to Albanian language and culture, I finally found a very interested one in Adam Mickiewicz University, taught in English language: the International Master in Balkan Language, with a duration of two academic courses.

Then, I have contacted with some people of that university in order to ask for the admission and other information related to the studies and they told me the tuition fees are free of charge for EU citizens. So now the problem is to know about the cost of life in Poznań.

I have thought about living in a small apartment for one person (it doesn´t matter if the flat is located in the center or not), and I would like to know how much does it cost living each month there (including accommodation, food, transports, basics, internet, life expenses...).

Also, my intention is to earn some money being a Spanish language teacher... is it easy to find a work? As for the Polish language, I want to try to talk in Polish as soon as possible (I don't mean fluent, but holding my own in Polish), and now I'm learning some by means of Duolingo app (it is difficult but not impossible - I speak English, French and Albanian languages, so I'm good at learning languages) but I would like to know if there are affordable Polish language courses there in Poznań.

Some other information about living in Poznań, about Poland or about the student life will be welcome to me :)

OP arberia 1 | 3
1 Nov 2016 #2
Sorry, I found a mistake: the master degree is the International Master of Balkan Studies, not Balkan Language :)
Crow 160 | 10,261
1 Nov 2016 #3
Poznan? Poznan you say?

My dear, are you Moorish or Catalan looking Spaniard?
OP arberia 1 | 3
1 Nov 2016 #4
Nope, I'm Spanish looking for information about living in Poznań :)
Crow 160 | 10,261
1 Nov 2016 #5
In any case, it would be ok. What i heard, Poles likes tourists and foreign students.
Marsupial - | 886
3 Nov 2016 #6
The Spanish are popular in Poland.
OP arberia 1 | 3
3 Nov 2016 #7
It will sound strange but my intention is to keep in contact with Poles and Polish language as much as possible, letting the use of Spanish language for students who want to learn Spanish. Like this, it's the best way to learn Polish faster :)

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